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Sarah Palin: Let’s End Obama-Car Now!

Sarah Palin’s bus tour of ten counties, the Rolling Blunder Review is expected to stop off at a local Waffle House to announce in a Palin-conference her move to end the horrors of auto insurance in America.

“We need to end Obama-car. The American people do not have to be told to buy vehicle insurance. I’m sure we’d do that on our own,” said Ms. Palin hopping off the rental bus.

"In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing, obviously and I am not the only to say so, but obviously there will be more explanation coming from the American people for their support of government mandates," the Ex-Governor stated harshly about the reasoning of anyone who would buy into the buying of car insurance.  

It was brought to the attention of Ms. Palin by her handlers when their driver, Flint, wondered who was going to initial the rental agreement form refusing the upgraded ‘Super-duper protection’ or “we’re they going with basic collision.”   

Unfamiliar with the concept of protection, it was explained to Ms. Palin and family by Flint who once owned a truck, that the insurance was this thing the government made you get when you have a vehicle. Even though this was Flint’s first rental, the forty-five year-old was pretty sure that with the upgraded insurance, “That’s how they getcha.”

Sarah Palin wasted little time once the idea was quickly shuffled through her frontal cortex and Greta Van Susteren. Feeling another victory within grasp, Ms. Palin and crew are expected to make her anti-insurance announcement at the kid’s next potty break or Waffle House, which ever comes first.

“We feel like America loves rights. The Founding Fathers didn’t have car insurance, what sense does it make for us? If you love the Constitution the way I do, then you help me rewrite it. I love my America and want it back. We don’t need to be told anything from the government. We’re in charge, right?”

Forever-contender Sarah Palin had to cut her comments short as she received a call from Fox News stated she was needed elsewhere. Tim Pawlenty was thinking of speaking…    


I am totally Fed up





If you haven’t heard already, Ex-presidents, ex-prime ministers, eminent economists and the Big Dudes of the business community will be meeting to discuss how the World’s drug policies, “just ain’t working.” The quote is mine.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy will host a press conference at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York later this week, to pull the trigger on their findings that describes the drug war as a failure and calls for a "paradigm shift" in approaching the issue. The commission will demand that the focus changes from criminal justice towards a public health approach. The global advocacy organization Avaaz, which has nine million members, will present a petition in support of the commission's recommendations to UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

The commission cites such factors as the cartel-related violence in Mexico, President Barack Obama's comments that it was "perfectly legitimate" to question whether the war on drugs was working, and the wider global economic crisis, has the world leaders questioning whether it is time to change our course when it comes to the War on Drugs.

I think they’re saying, it’s not working, too.

Danny Kushlick, head of external affairs at Transform, the drug policy foundation that has consultative status with the UN said, "What we have here is the greatest collection thus far of ex-presidents and prime ministers calling very clearly for decriminalization and experiments with legal regulation," he said. "It will be a watershed moment."

As of today, the pollsters including Nate Silver says Obama has about forty-six percent of Americans voting for him. And get this; he has forty-six percent of Americans voting against him. This will be an election, as the way it’s been for the last few election cycles, it will be a run for the independents. Those crazy undecided voters who usually live in a retirement community in Florida or are slugging slag in Ohio, who by default usually choose our elections for us.

Even with Ken PlasticGenitalia, Mitt Romney, Sarah “I’ll show the kids but not the husband’ Palin, Tim ‘Wake me up when I’m over’ Pawlenty, and the Betsy Ross of the Tea Party sampler, Michelle Bachman running, President Obama doesn’t have a lock on this race if the economy doesn’t start handing out some new jobs soon.

So where is our president who had the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say confidently to the lamestream media when asked, “Of course I inhaled? That was the point!”

Why is President Obama, who with a real understanding of the cannabis culture, allowing the Feds to run rough shod with ‘Operation Shake and Bake’ (my terms), over the rights of Medical Marijuana community and businesses in America?

Why are world leaders and Richard Branson (I bet he’s bringing the herb) meeting, discussing a changing globe and the need to change with it, including statements made from our president for the need to transform? So why is our president somewhere in another universe allowing the Feds to create a State of Fear when it comes to Marijuana?

In the last ten days, the Feds have amped up their behind the scene attacks on Medical Marijuana community throughout the States. Starting with financial institutions, the Feds pressed for audits of banks that do business with dispensaries and the like. Then there were the closing and limiting of dispensaries up and down the State of California. Credit card companies canceled service. In Arizona, their attorney general wrote a You-better-watch-out letter. Warning the fledgling Medical Marijuana industry that if you open your doors, we’re going to be there to shut you down, or worse…Even their wacky, Arizona’s higher than Chong governor Janny Brewer, is trying to rescind Proposition 203, voted on and passed by the people, because…she doesn’t like it.

Even as a few doors of opportunity and progress open for Medical Marijuana patients and the industry, more and more are activists fighting the Drug War on two fronts; locally and Federally.

It might be time for us who are trying to make a change, not to go backwards, but to say, as most oppressed groups eventually reach, “We’ve had enough. We’re Fed up!”

Then the question persists, “Who side is the Feds really on?”

In the last weeks my people (don’t ask) have found connections between Big Pharma owning fields and gardens full of raging cannabis all over America. They’re gearing up like other outlaws for the possible Green Rush profits coming their way.

While Medical Marijuana activists, patients, new dispensary owners stand in lines, fill out forms for the latest regulations that change daily and jump through the state’s hoops in order to move ahead. Big Pharma has the cooperation of the Feds to look the other way when they grow. Plus, I’m guessing when Bristol-Myers mines the earth for a garden; they’re impregnating for more than ninety-nine plants at a time.

It is Life in prison for making Hash in Oklahoma. A birdwatcher in Florida spends a night in jail after getting the major TSA treatment with the more than personal pat-down and the standard alien probe. State’s rights are being trampled on like Snookie in Italy. The number of marijuana busts is up in some major cities even when progressive bills and ordinances are passed. California releases murderers, rapists and carjackers most Mondays through Fridays now. But pot smokers, those sly, evasive bumps-on-a-logs that commit the sin of self-medication, those are the people who need to go behind bars. Like Dr. Molly Fry and her husband, who were locked up doing a nickel over a bogus federal charge?

What more do we need to hear? How much more can President Obama do to let the people down who voted for him?

For a while there, it was looking good. After eight crazy years of the complete dismantling and the selling off of America, we had hope in the fresh young senator from Illinois. You could feel that there was change in the air. The markets were falling and homes were burning in escrow and Vegas, but it felt like he could get us through.

Then he said this thing about Medical Marijuana on the campaign trail. Something about Medical Marijuana being a low-priority item and we have better things to do than to go after these people. Dispensaries open up, hiring thousands of people throughout the state. And you know what? Crime didn’t break out at these dispensaries. The Johnny Dillingers didn’t come in with guns blazing. Neighborhoods weren’t shot up. Children still went to school and didn’t become beach bum stoners. Okay, there was an occasional magic brownie Wednesday morning treat mix-ups. Oops.

Life was good. For a moment, it looked like real change.

Then there were busts, bank audits, strip searches, Doctors in jail, Big Pharmville games going on, Feds amping up raids, all the while as cities take taxes and activists pay. And that’s since May 1st.

I want my president back. The one who was full of hope, change and smoke (and I mean that in a good way.)

Mr. President, who side are you on? There are men and women with much more world experience than you meeting in New York this week to tell the world that they way we’ve been doing business, isn’t working.

43 million Americans experience marijuana on some level, according to NORML, yet the President smiles and smirks when asked about Medical Marijuana in townhall meetings. It was the first question asked by the MTV-crowd when he did a sit-down with them. We’re concerned. Yet it feels like he’s not taking us serious.

So listen to the straights. There’s a whole bunch of world leaders who don’t know a bong from a gong, and they’re saying there needs to be a change.

We’re changing. We’re coming out. We’re paying taxes and filling out forms with our names and addresses on it. We’re doing what we’re supposed to do for change.

Mr. President. Barack. I love the old you.

Please don’t change. Or change…whatever.

Just let us have our medicine before you give it over to Big Pharma.






100th Running of the Bay To Breakers Race, SF


I started to worry that my neighbor, her of multiple cocktails and a mouth that would blend comfortably in most seagoing ports where you’d find a Tourette’s Café in full swing, was going into rehab a day before the hundredth running of the Bay to Breakers footrace. This was a bad sign.

For the first time in a half a decade, we decided not to invite people over to our apartment that is located strategically across the street from the Panhandle that magically turns into a human septic tank on the urine-soaked Sunday of the race. Without our neighbor, The Broad, our four-litre Bloody Mary container may remain in half mast with the loss of our long-established boozer buddy.

For weeks leading up to the event, the apparent lack of advertising had many of us locals wondering if the race was going to indeed happen. Luckily on Saturday when the barricades and riot control barriers were dropped-shipped to corners of the race did many of us start to breathe again.    

Even though this was the hundredth running of one San Francisco’s most hallowed traditions, the cops and the City made it clear, this year would be different. No booze and no tolerance for shenanigans.

After ninety-nine years of research, it was determined that the majestic and creative floats that made the papers back East showing the depravity and the San Francisco recklessness that is impossible to capture except on the bed of home-made trailer being pulled by twelve men in Lady Gaga costumes, was actually a front for liquor. It was found that many of these delicious moving pageants were vehicles for carrying 16-gallon kegs. Much like an Egyptian barge with slaves pulling a regal queen, these faux floats were actually S&M slaves from the Mission pulling a Bear Queen from Hayes Valley with surprise! A spigot from a hidden keg protruding somewhere from between her legs.  That had to stop.

So they decided to crack down on the Bay to Breakers Race. No booze, no nudity, no floats. Possibly no fun.

Shifting the starting time from brunch to 7 AM, The race officials had hoped to starve off the partiers who like to build a little heat before running the seven miles and some change race.

It initially seemed like it worked. At eight AM, when I first step outside into the overcast morning, the runners on Fell were sparse and few. The Race Gods had set up barricades on Fell so unlike the previous hundred years, there was a separation between the runners and the on-lookers who were perched in their lawn chairs along the fences cheering the runners on.

It had rained all night and without advertising hitting us over the head for weeks like they do with a Hollywood movie or a Facebook page to join, I thought that many of the traditional party-goers were going to stay indoors on this slightly, breezy cold morning.

The scary part was no one was pissing in the Panhandle. The sign of over-crowding, and that a potential mob-riot is forming is when the frat boys start to whiz followed soon by their stooping sorority sisters. When the Big Tree with the hollow doesn’t get any action and the ten Port-A-Potties do, something is wrong in the Park.

People are behaving correctly. What’s wrong with this picture?

And it was that way for most of the morning. There were three stages of real runners who departed from the starting line in staggered starts happening every forty-five minutes until they unleashed the hordes of stumblers, happy out of shaped people, the costumed and what for many is their indoctrination into San Francisco.

What the race officials and City Pa’s and Ma’s don’t understand is, the Bay to Breakers race, like Halloween is the initiation into what most people who live in San Francisco desire, to become a local.

Walking down Market Street, there are people who still gape at a naked man wearing nothing but a parka on hot winter’s day or at the Tranny with a grill of gold selling ice cream cones that come in two shapes: either the Pope’s hat or an uncircumcised dick. Or small and large.

For those of us who are locals, our heads barely move or even worse, we hardly notice what has all the tourists keeping a strong straight face.

That’s what this event is about, joining the San Francisco race. Finding stuff in your closet that doesn’t match and joining another hundred thousand people just like you, only different. If you’ve just moved to the City, this is how you become a part of what is happening, on your own terms and at your own pace.

All you have to do is be adult about it.

And there’s the fly in the oatmeal. Not all of us want to be adult all the time. We have almost three hundred and sixty-four days for that. For one day, some people want to get naked and drunk.

That’s not me. You can thank me now for that, or wait for the pictures from the Eighties, and thank me later. I don’t like to get drunk and run. I don’t even like to get naked and run. When I’m drinking, running hardly ever comes to mind.

But that shouldn’t stop those who want to.

Thankfully, it didn’t.

By noon, the Panhandle was a party. A party with Forest Rangers, Park Police, city cops, highway patrol, and Homeland Security, I think (Black SUV’s) securing the area and constantly hovering around on bicycles, motorcycles, ATV’s, horses and on foot. There were lines at the plastic pee shacks and the costumes like the alcohol was flowing.

I heard later someone had fallen off of the party houses on Fell. This is tragic and sad. But what I saw for the most part was San Francisco out in full regalia and loss of inhibitions. Isn’t that the definition of who we are?

When 4/20 happened at Hippie Hill, the media had to dig for intel describing any violence associated with the Pot Party. There was bogus complaint of two women in their fifties, who were beating each other over the heads with a boom-box. This was filed by the right-wing Examiner and because facts only get in their way, the let the false story lie.

In years past, there were fights out front and a lot of chest-beating by white boys, naked from the brain down. This year I didn’t see any of that.

As the day went on, the sun came out, drying out the wet spots and warming us like toast. More and more revelers came out too.

Thank God the young girls in their twenties didn’t forsake us and kept the nudity and scantily-dressed costumes at a maximum.

There were beer bottles tossed and garbage thrown. It didn’t have the energy of a Daytona 500 where you felt like crazy violence could break out any moment if you said the wrong thing like ‘Dale E. is a pussy.”

It felt very control and yet it wasn’t.

Obviously the City did its job. The hundredth running of the Bay to Breakers had a neutered feel to it. It really felt like someone came and took the writer, Balzac and all his marbles, and went home.

At first in the early morning hours there was something missing. It felt like the chances of seeing someone hold their friend’s hair back while they puked was just going to be a dieter’s dream. But the spirit of the City can never be held down, at least not without a safe word discussed beforehand.

As the day went on, more and more of the San Francisco people who I know and love, didn’t let me down. There were cocktails and strange behavior. All the things I’ve known to love and respect about the City.

I understand we can’t knowingly let people get fucked up and hurt themselves, but couldn’t we have like a Ron Paul Race? A race where if something happens, we have to be responsible for our own behavior and promise not to sue.

We are so close to tolerating most outlandish conduct from the Hipsters and the like. Couldn’t we for one day let the drunks have their way?

I’m just saying as long as they don’t sue and stay naked.




Cannabinophobia: The Timing Makes You Wonder





​​By Jack Rikess

Toke of the Town

Northern California Correspondent


Schedule I: A category of drugs not considered legitimate for medical use. Included are heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and marijuana.


April 14th 1937

Whose bright idea was it to tax it? Is the option still open?


Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

The Act levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp, or marijuana. The Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana, or cannabis. It did include penalty and enforcement provisions to which marijuana, cannabis, or hemp handlers were subject. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2,000 and five years' imprisonment.




Graphic: The California Pot Blog

November 5, 1996


State's Rights, the People voted, Anyone? Bueller?


Proposition 215 (or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996) is a California law concerning the use of medical cannabis. It was enacted, by means of the initiative process, and passed with 55.6% of votes in favor.



February 2009


Message Delivered


President Barack Obama delivered a message on medical marijuana in February 2009. It couldn't have been clearer and simpler: The federal government was getting out of the business of busting medical marijuana patients and providers who were following state laws in California and other states where voters had approved medicinal application of the plant.



March 30th, 2011


This is your mind not on drugs


National Cancer Institute scrubs "anti-tumoral effect" of cannabinoids after stating for about five minutes that cannabis did have some medical value in the General Information section. The wording was revised to make clearer that cannabis is not approved by the FDA for any medical use.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Do Walgreen's and CVS have this problem?


San Jose limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from more than 100 to roughly 10.




Graphic: Reality Catcher

Thursday April 14


But the people voted!



Washington's top federal prosecutors have threatened to crack down if the state goes forward with a proposal to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, putting in jeopardy a bill that has already passed both chambers of the Legislature. Governor Christine Gregoire vetoes most of the bill, citing fears of state employees being federally prosecuted.



April 20, 2011


WTF!!! We can't but they can...And they did it on our holiday...bastards!


US Patent Granted for Sativex in Cancer Pain


GW Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for a patent which protects the use of Sativex® as a treatment for cancer pain.


The patent, entitled "Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Treatment of Pain", provides an exclusivity period until April 2025. The patent specifically covers a method of treating cancer related pain by administering a combination of the cannabinoids cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two principal cannabinoids in Sativex®. In addition to this newly granted patent, Sativex® is protected by a number of other patents related to different aspects of the product.



Photo: TPM

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) gets lots of Big Pharma dollars. He gives them their money's worth.

Early in Sativex's development, GW hired Dr. Andrea Barthwell as a consultant to sing the drug's praises. Here's the crazy part of the woman who has assisted in getting Sativex approved in the States. Barthwell was a deputy drug czar under George W. Bush and is the former president of the American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM). In a recent ASAM press release, Barthwell denounces medical marijuana because...wait for it... because it was unregulated by the federal government.


And there's more...


Meanwhile, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Congress's top recipient of campaign funds from the pharmaceutical industry, has (what a surprise!) come out against state medical marijuana laws, despite being an advocate of states' rights on issues like allowing offshore drilling.


It's easy to see why medical marijuana activists bemoaned the double-punch of people like Barthwell and Burr who represent the pharmaceutical industry's goal for medical marijuana: demonize it, prosecute it, shut it down, then work with Big Pharma to get their piece of the pie. How it works...



Photo: ANU News

Sure, it cost them plenty, but Big Pharma bought Congress.

​So how do pharmaceutical companies get into the Pot Biz while legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries are being closed and under harassment?


The answer: Money.


The pharmaceutical industry is far and away the biggest spender on federal lobbying. Between 1998 and 2010, Big Pharma spent more than $2 billion sending lobbyists to the capital to fight for industry-friendly legislation and regulations. This is more than half a billion greater than the amount spent in the same period by pharmaceuticals' closest competitor, the insurance industry, and nearly twice what oil and gas companies spent.



April 27, 2011


It's almost like the Feds are working with Big Pharma...


Colorado medical-marijuana bill draws U.S. attorney's warning


The U.S. attorney for Colorado warned state lawmakers that pending legislation adjusting rules for medical marijuana would conflict with federal law and could lead to federal prosecutions.


U.S. Attorney John Walsh's letter was sent to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers in response to his request for clarification on how federal treatment of medical marijuana use may conflict with pending legislation now under consideration in House Bill 1043.



Just The Facts:


16 states have medical marijuana.


1,000 people a year die from aspirin.





What is Acceptable?



We love guns, sex and gambling. Can you imagine anything getting in our way when it comes to the pursuit of the Big Three? If it is our desire to have, hold or own any of the Holy Trio, God help the man or woman who tries to stop us. Because if you do…if you do…Try to stop us…We’re just going to have to look the other way. That’s just the way it is. 

That is the way it is with everything in Life in America. Everything. Except Marijuana.

Starting with Guns: Full disclosure, I like guns. I shot my first handgun a couple of months ago and really enjoyed myself. I was in the country and where I was staying, there were bear sightings. While the .38 wouldn’t have done much to the bear except piss it off, my host felt that because how deep we were in the woods everyone in attendance needed to be familiar with guns, in case anything happened. It seemed perfectly acceptable to be prepared at that moment.

By the way, two gun stories from the last month.

Pastor Terry Jones, the clergyman best known for trying to equate the Koran to the Presto log for his thermo love and causing the killing of some twenty United Nations workers, accidently discharge a pistol after giving an interview in Detroit. So this servant of God whose little voice set off a world-wide panic, guns goes off in the studio’s parking lot, twice, and the cops say, “Nothing here to see.” The Pastor didn’t need to show a long form birth certificate, his .22 was all the proof the local constables required. Totally acceptable.

Just to keep the Detroit connection alive, the Southwestern Regional Director of the National Socialist Movement that’s based in Detroit (again, the word use of ‘Socialism’ when referring to local subversive group and the quiet acceptance of militias by Americans, perfectly acceptable) was shot and killed in Riverside, California by his ten-year old son. I could politicize this by saying that if guns had been allowed in the home, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if the father was bettered armed.  But that logic would only fall on dead ears.

We don’t we know how to discuss this or have a conversation about violence associated with weapons without a gun aficionado commando worried that we want to limit their clips or God Apple Pie, take away some of their rights.

No one listens to stories of gun violence anymore. Let’s face it, even a day-care shooting is old news. It’s just what happens here in America. There’s really nothing we can do about it. It is just what we accept.

Number Two, Sex, my favorite. Ashton Kutcher had a campaign going for a few seconds that said real men don’t pay for sex. That easy to say when you have Demi Moore at home. I wish. But I understood his politics. He was making a point about the sex trade. That most of the women, at least in Californian massage parlors and in the wanted ads, are part of a forced sex slave practice that has flourished well, way before Craig Newmark decided to make his list.

I don’t think there’s a town that doesn’t have a gas station, general store and a bar, where you can’t find some action if you were hungry and had the bucks and time to find it.

Last year in San Francisco, I went to a hearing about the possible opening of a dispensary in a relatively residential location. The hearing lasted hours and I left midmorning around 2 AM thinking there was no chance for a Pot Shop out in the Sunset. While there were liquor stores and a porn video store within blocks, this heavy Asian populated location would never allow a dispensary. I was wrong. The Zoning Commission approved for the opening of a dispensary that would service the patients that are literally in the farthest part in the City. It actually made sense.

It never opened. The local bosses had it shut down. Funny story. This location I later found out from a confidential close-up source is in the heart of the sex slave district. The person who told me this dial a number randomly from an ad we found online and then one from the back of a weekly rag, advertising  for massage by young Asian hottie. The meeting place was the corner where the dispensary was going to open; this is where you go for a rub and tug, but not for medication for treatment of the effects of cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

There isn’t a neighbor in this ‘hood who doesn’t know why there are gentlemen coming in and out of residential homes, at all hours zipping up their flys, looking around hoping they’re invisible. And why not, to most Americans they are.

     Fun little fact. The redder the state, the more conservative the voting and the more repressed the social climate is (Hello Mississippi), the higher the use of online porn. Fact. But this is just another little sextoid that we won’t or don’t know how to talk about. It’s like when a young woman is taken in Europe. It happens. Don’t get your panties in such a bunch. This is perfectly acceptable. Just hope your dad is Liam Neeson.

Ask any Family Values president after getting busted for being with a young boy or girl, or a prostitute, or an aid or page, it just happens. If it wasn’t perfectly acceptable, why would we vote these people back in political office time and time again? They are our leaders, yes?

And then there’s Gambling, that’s easy. People are morons. The House wins. End of story.

Imagine if you had a business where all you had to do is dig about a thousand holes in the floor of your establishment, call them ‘Wishing Wells’ and then charge the rubes various amounts of cash depending on the scale of their dream. Promise Americans that their dreams could come true, that all you have to do is drop your money down the well, and we do the rest. Oh yeah, you get free Cokes and the chance to ogle women in skimpy outfits in return.

And if you build them a casino, they will come.

Every study has shown that gaming and gambling brings down a town. People lose their houses and jobs. The divorce rate goes up. Check it out.

There isn’t a village or hamlet that is immune from having either a Native American sponsored casino or some other den of iniquity from sprouting up just a short drive out of town.

We use to think separating Americans from their money in shell games was a bad thing. Now it’s called Wall Street.

And it’s all acceptable.

Here’s what isn’t acceptable; Medical Marijuana. It is labeled as Schedule One drug, as seen by the protective eyes of the American government and the American Medical Association. The reason Marijuana is classified as a Schedule One drug is because it has been determine that the weed known as Cannabis has no medical value, the only importance it has is recreational. This puts marijuana on par with Heroin, LSD, and other harsh drugs that very few of us like to wake up with.

What is labeled as a Schedule Two drug you ask? The drugs that are seen as not as harmful as marijuana are Cocaine, Meth, Ritalin, Opium, Dexies, Demerol, PCP and speed that you slam. Right now if you ask Attorney General Eric Holder, he’d have to say that marijuana is worse for you that all the above.

Even though every so often a president of the United States commissions a study on the medicinal effects of marijuana to see if there’s anything good in it. This has been done since 1937 when Marijuana was made evil by Harry J. Anslinger following the orders set forth by his uncle, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon. In every study commissioned, the facts come up wrong. They find that marijuana is not harmful and actually may have some real medicinal advantages. But the Powers That Be told those stupid scientists to go back to the lab until they can find that evil nucleus in the ganja atom. So the studies get buried. Check it out.

When Secretary Mellon was working with Bill Hearst The First and his propaganda machine called The Examiner, they’re desire was to just to wipe out the hemp industry. The medical applications, even though used for thousands of years elsewhere, need not apply here. They were able to make some calls to the AMA, even though the doctor’s group was salivating over the approach of big Pharma with their new medicines and incentive kickbacks (look what happened to Dr. Kimball in the Fugitive) coming their way that replaced the free wives tales and their free medical services of the early 1900’s. The only problem was the docs couldn’t find anything really wrong with weed. That was the first test done on marijuana to find fault with it.

They couldn’t.

Didn’t matter, again the Powers That Be had a bad jones and the only cure they knew was that marijuana needed to be Schedule One drug. It ended the discussion for most of America. How can a drug have any medicinal properties if the institutions we trust and have our faith in tells us, they can’t?

Is it possible that since 1937 our lifestyles and our thinking process have changed? Is there even the remote possibility that we’ve grown in intellect and understanding of how the world around us really works?

In 2010, Eighty thousands Americans were busted for marijuana. In California.

There are roughly four hundred thousand medical marijuana card holders in Cali.

Eric Holder and our president mock medical marijuana patients wondering if all those card holders really need all those cards, or are they faking it?

I don’t know. What is the expectation? Go to prison? Stand up for your rights? Or do what everyone else does and pretend that every weird shooting or sex act or scandal or when daddy loses the house to the Keno girl is just another day in America?

Isn’t this the way it?

What’s the deal? Is the real problem that marijuana is medicinal and recreational at the same time? Is it becomes of the dichotomy of the weed that we don’t know which side of the coin is up? 

I don’t know. Tell me, America, I know you have a schedule to keep. Just tell me, what is acceptable?



1937 at a glance.

Feb 5th - 1st Charlie Chaplin talkie, "Modern Times," released

Feb 16th - DuPont Corp patents nylon, developed by employee Wallace H Carothers

May 3rd - Margaret Mitchell wins Pulitzer Prize for "Gone With the Wind"

Aug 2nd - The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed in America, essentially rendering marijuana and all its by-products illegal.

Aug 18th - 1st FM radio construction permit issued (W1X0J (WGTR) in Boston MA)

Oct 15th - Ernest Hemingway novel "To Have & Have Not" published

Nov 5th - Hitler informs his military leader of his intentions of going to war

Dec 7th - Dutch Minister Romme proclaims married women are forbidden to work

Dec 14th - Japanese troops conquer/plunder Nanjing

Dec 21st - 1st feature-length color & sound cartoon premieres (Snow White)

Dec 22nd - Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) opens to traffic

Dec 27th - Mae West performs Adam & Eve skit that gets her banned from NBC radio

Dec 29th - Pan Am starts San Francisco-to-Auckland, New Zealand service


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