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National Weed Dealer's Day

It is thirty-six days until the unofficial day of blazing and Waking and Baking, that awesome date of April 20th, Stoner’s Day. I am reminded of the significance of the number thirty-six for followers of the Kabbalah. All products of the number 18, (18, 36, 54, 72, 90, etc...) represent the character for Life. In the Jewish culture, donations are given in multiplies of eighteen, for good luck the way Asians believe the color red brings success and prosperity. Superstitions are superstitions but why walk under an open ladder if you don’t have to?

In earlier columns, I’ve asked my fellow stoners that we should have an International Weed Dealer’s Day on April 18th. On this day we celebrate the American Pot Dealer. I mean, have you ever tipped your pot dealer? Let them know how much you appreciate the job they are doing. In the old days, it was unimaginable to buy a lid of grass and not roll up a doobie to smoke with your dealer to seal the transaction. I know those days are long gone but we have to remember that before there was a store that sold pot to anyone who can get a card, you used to have to find a person, usually a guy, who either sold a little to get by and have their own stash, or a dedicated individual whose life was about scoring the best bud they could.

In my almost forty years banging the gong, I’ve seen my share of clichés and archetypes ranging from Comic-book Guy who mouthed the joint like sucking down a chicken bone before lighting to that anomaly of anomalies, the chick dealer who usually worked in the record business too, who dealt good bud in baggies with colorful threads wrapped around them for decoration. Dealers run the gamut like most any other job, but unlike most other jobs, dealing is still illegal.

When you’re going to your Man (or Woman) to stock up for the 4/20 celebration, how about bringing your Weed Merchant a present or if nothing else, a nice monetary tip? I’ll say it again, if your dealer was busted, would you come forward with cash for their defense fund? The week before 4/20 is a good time to say thanks for the person who brings you bud for the rest of the year.


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