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Going Forward Never Straight


Ahhhh, I can almost feel the seeds being planted up north. Inside grow houses, sheds, trailers, and warehouses arrays of incubating motherly grow lights nourish little armies of clones ready for the great outdoors, if that is their strains destination. Soon the outdoor season will begin in earnest as super Indicas and tasty Sativas are carefully transplanted into the rich Mendo soil signaling spring’s rebirth and another shitload of Weed that should coincide with the Day of Responsibility. The excitement is palatable all the way down here to the Haight. I don’t mean to be a broken record, but like an older stoner giving car directions to the unhip back in the day, “you don’t go straight, you go forward.” And we are going nothing but forward, my friends. The talk of Legalization is sprouting up everywhere from the Triangle to the Haight. My friends are a-buzzed to the gills with the possibilities of the November third, in the year of our Herb, the day that I call, Day of Responsibility. The day Weed will be legal. After some bill signing and other formalities that comes from transporting the once illegal to the now totally cool legal deal dime bags for the masses. The day we’ve been waiting for ever since that cop car came up behind us on the freeway really suspiciously while we were smoking a joint and we ate/threw-out/did something worse to the doobie, only to have the police car pass us and freak out the next stoners. Didn’t we all thing at that moment, one day I’m not going to have to do that thing I did with the joint instead of what I should have done like throw it out the window or it eat it. You should never have to feel bad about getting high.

Like I stated in an earlier blog, some of my friends are worried about Big Business taking it over. They worry the quality will go down. There will be controls and restrictions. Some people say that they still will buy on the Black Market the way they always have.

And then there are those, again friends of mine in their fifties and sixties, who on the day that Weed is made legal, they plan to go down to their local cop shops and stand outside the police gates and light up, letting their freak flags fly.

To say these are heady times is to make an understatement. Reporters from all major newspapers and magazines are sending stringers out here for scoops and stories. My friends up in Laytonville, the guys at Area 101 made it into the pages of the current issue of Rolling Stone regarding what is happin’ up in the Triangle. It is funny that all these reporters all come off like they’re on the outside as they report about the Emerald Triangle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an outsider up there. Unless you’re part of the original tribe, we’re all outsiders north of the Marin County line. No matter how they try to tell the story about life in the Emerald Triangle, the press overstates the prices, hype the quality and fear the violence. The violence is real, oh yeah, how can there not be with so much green floating around. And when I say green, you know what I mean. Outsiders are arriving all the time trying to cash in. Locals who lost their straight jobs are now trying their green thumbs out in their own backdoors. “Dere Green in dere dem hills, Ah tellya.”

The Rush is definitely on...

April 17th and 18th is the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo here in San Francisco.

For complete transparency, I have a coffee mug that I have develop a design for so that when one adds a hot liquid to my mug, the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge transforms from a night shot of the bridge to a daylight shot with the bridge wrapped with pot leaves. It’s very cool.

 Watch out, here comes a shameless plug...


Back from business, the Intche is opening here in a couple of weeks. Not only as a vendor am I excited but there is going to be a two-day event celebrating the properties of the Yerba Buena. There will be speakers and booths. My booth is actually next to High Times Celebrity Stoner booth, so you know I’m psyched. Two days of people coming together for their love of hemp and the most promising future. Because where ever you go these days in Cali, people are shaking their collective thinking; this is going to be legal. This year!!! Really!!!

For those of us who having dodging John Law while still striving to bang the gong to a regular beat, the idea of not being busted for freely smoking a doobie, well, it almost brings tears to this blogger’s tired, red, swollen, glazed, hard-to-see-out-sometimes-because-of these-tiny-dolphin-like-floating-things-that-I’ve-asked-the-doctor-about-but-he-says-I’m okay over-worked eyes. The time is coming. The New York Times wrote about how Mothers against Marijuana is already forming. But no matter what periodical or news type knowledge base you draw your information from, they all agree on one thing. The general public is ready for Weed to be legal for sale. More and more polls show the voters are ready. They had more than enough signatures to get it on the ballot here in Cali. There isn’t a politician running in the state this year that hasn’t been asked their feelings on the Legalization of Weed in Cali.(They’re all against it, even Jerry Brown) But even though the politicians are against it now, there is one big reason it gonna happen. One reason and one reason only, FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS ON THE OUNCE. I’m not screaming or yelling. I’m just stating in big black letters the one sole reason that after seventy-three years of lives being ruin. That the law could unlawfully leverage an individual to talk, to give something up because they had indulged in a libation, nay, a passion that they desired for themselves while never hurting anyone else. That woman up in Colorado could get life in prison because a guy she just met sold pounds of dope to undercover agents who needed to a fill a quota for a well-organized desk in Washington, DC, that does much little else besides for punching in on a scorecard, the fatalities, the body count that drives the dollars that funds the war on drugs.

For a tax of fifty dollars on an ounce, all this can one day be yours, Cheech. Just got to figure out the tax sitch’, dude. For all the anxious talk about what is going to happen. Maybe the Man is going to destroy something so righteous as the dope trade by taking it over. How about the fear that Phil Morris is going to corner the market by having the corner markets only being able to buy from him? Until the political sativa-smoking action Pacs educate straight America about the incredible advantages of taxing Weed, we are never going forward. And the good news?

In these hard times, they all for it. Our Guvanor Ahnold is for it. Moms and Pops are for it. Cops are iffy, but they’re never sure what side to be on anyways. The people have seen the light and their using the flame like never before. It’s all happening.

More Later.


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