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Sunday Morning Hits with Kantrite


Am I the only the guy on the couch hitting the bong missing the Free Credit Dot Com Band? I miss those three happy-go-lucky stoners.  Not only did it seem like they had fun playing together, but I would have liked to hang out with them, banging the gong talking credit scores at the Renaissance Fair or on the swings in the playground…Maybe I’m just old fashion, but the new Credit Bands are all coming off like the next Vampire Weekend clones…

One of the best events that ever happened for stoners is when Michael Phelps was shown hitting the bong. I know this was bad for Mike, but for many straight people, this was a wake-up call that maybe a guy could puff and still pull in eight Golds. Now the newest happy face for WEED is Paris Hilton. Pretty soon there will be the home game much like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? “What in the World? Where’s Paris gonna get busted Next?” I’m predicting the French Riviera, 3 grams Lebanese hash, with Greek Shipping Heir professional bull-rider. Fingers are crossed.  

Speaking of getting busted…Generally speaking, Whitey smokes more dope than any other ethnic group, yet every other ethnic group gets busted, again generally, at almost a two-three to one rate. This is why the NAACP came out for Legalization. It just makes good sense. Legalization would be a crucial step in keeping non-whites out of prison…Isn’t it interesting that the Correction Officers Unions and other related Pacs, are usually the largest contributors AGAINST the Legalization of Marijuana. How come no one ever points out this fact? It seems that if you work in the Prison world, it behooves you to keep the beds full with the path of least resistance. Do you complain?

So we have to educate Society that we can still make money, because that’s what it is all about, by putting our energies into the positive aspects of Marijuana and Hemp.

The news that the Veterans Administration changed its policy concerning Medical Marijuana last week was huge. This maybe is the next biggest step in giving a responsible face to the issue that scares so many people. This is when opinion changes, when individuals who have no prior history with Cannabis use it medicinally with stellar results. That’s almost better than taxation showing the positive side of WEED. That is what I call Supporting the Troops. Giving the returning heroes what they need, rather than what I think they should have.

Oh-oh. I guess because of the rise of prescription drugs being used more and more recreationally, (Y’know, the best pharmacy has always been the one in your mom’s bathroom) cops are having a hard time busting people. Apparently Barney Fife has a hard time deciphering what goofers Dylan and Kayla are on. The days of having two or three cocktails right before getting behind the wheel are over and getting hit with a breathalyzer are over. But what happens if I have some unbelievable Trainwreck, the D-Tree Kind, and I’m still fuzzy three hours later when I head out in my car to get some more. If I get stop and they say I’m high but I say I’m okay, what gives? How the Police handle prescription drug offenders will give us, and MADD, a glimpse into the not too distant future…

Here in California some activists are feeling let down that not a major Democratic political candidate isn’t backing Proposition 19. My belief…there’s not a great upside in coming out for Legalization. The professional hand-shakers can’t tell who is for or against this issue, I’m talking outside of San Francisco. So there’s no reason to get the citizens in the burgs and valleys up in arms thinking that someone’s a pro-Pothead leaning politician, maybe even a Communist after three or four pipe loads. Jerry Brown has always been against it. I’ve seen it in person. This is why the Eagles weren’t given political positions during his two-terms. It was that close…

I blame Craig’s List…It seems that in Cali if you have wheels and some pot you can become a delivery service. From the very north down to San Diego, more and more gypsy delivery services are popping up. This is a real drag. It totally makes the process harder for the people who have been working diligently to make Legalization happen. But Marijuana is all about the Rush again. The rush to get a piece of the pie. The Rush to get your foot in the door. The Rush to make a name for yourself while others remain quiet. It is the Time of the WEED Barons and history has taught us there have always been a few mavericks in the bunch that also come out ahead, financially speaking of course.

And now the last word about Money…

Does anyone really think that the price of WEED is going to come down? There was some bullshit about striving for a fo’ty dolla O.Z. just like Trader Joe’s ‘2 buck Chuck.’ I would like to hear from my readers what you think. I spoke to a Budtender on Friday. I asked this young man if he thought the price would ever come down in the dispensaries. He said he didn’t know. I asked him that the price of a pound has dropped so drastically in the last couple of years, but the price for an ounce at the dispensaries still remain about the same. He replied, “Well they have to pay me.” Yes, there is an overhead to maintain, I thought as I watched about six hundred dollars being handed over across the dispensary’s long wooden bar, in a manner of nine minutes.

Commerce versus Compassion. Legitimate versus Illegal. Us versus Them. Joint versus Pipe. So many decisions. I can’t imagine having to make those choices sober.


More Later.




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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Sunday Morning Hits with Kantrite
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Sunday Morning Hits with Kantrite
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Sunday Morning Hits with Kantrite
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Sunday Morning Hits with Kantrite

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