Jack Rikess, a former stand-up comedian, takes the edge off of the world and explains all those unexplained things in a way that will make you either laugh or cry.

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Stoners Don't Have To Forget

I used to work at Navaho Retirement Home in Arizona, after work I drank at a local watering hole in the center of Scottsdale. This bar was more than your usual place to come for drink, you went there for spirits. One of my drinking partners was Jack Herer’s wife’s sister, I’ll call her Lonny.

I got my first Jack Herer pipe at a High Times party in Vegas around the year 2000. This double trajectory hitter is still my favorite for hash and other exotics.

One night at the bar in Scottsdale, Lonny, her husband, Dougy, and I retreated to a parking lot behind the bar for a few hits. When Lonny saw my Jack Herer, she flipped, the jig was out and for the rest of that stony night, I heard all the Jack Herer scoops I ever wanted to, and then some.

If you not familiar with Jack, you don’t know the movement.

There’s an old Vulcan saying, “It took Nixon to go to China.”

It took a Green Beret to catch America’s attention. I never met Jack; saw him a couple of times. Jack Herer was an American hero. Willing to stand up when the hesitant dedicated ones were still trying to get off the couch.

I took a few hits off the ol’ Jack when I heard the news of his passing yesterday.

Then there’s the news about Dennis Peron. He had a stroke I hear.

The Cannabis Expo is not going to be the same without them. Hey Dennis, I’m not writing you off, just saying you’re going to be missed at the event.

I can’t say this enough. No one’s free until we’re all free.

As we celebrate Weed and Hemp this weekend, let’s remember who can’t be with us today. And remember some of those who can’t make it, who should be here, aren’t.

Let’s change perception. Stoners can remember.

Have a great Cannabis Expo!!!

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