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Some Morning Hits…


This Saturday July 10th, here in San Francisco, comes another 420 premiere, our first official Marijuana Farmer’s Market is taking place at Jelly’s Café, near Pier 48, just south of the ball park. Paul McCartney will be playing that night, so there will be a battle of the bongs going on for sure.

There will be booths, Dennis Peron, edibles and much, much more. You will need a card in order to get into the ‘215’ lounge. Starts at 4 pm. Stop by California Grow Mugs and say high…Hope to have a stony good time…

New poll figures are out today. The favorability rating for the passage of Bill 19 for legalization is DOWN. That’s right, it went from the state of California being split down the middle fifty-fifty for Legalization or not, to now, just forty-two percent for the Legalization of Marijuana in November. This is a good thing. The people are running scared. The poll was conducted over a couple days on the phone and I don’t trust it.

Again, let me give you my scary prediction. The conservative voters of Orange County and the San Diego area will be persuaded by their own inner fears that their kids, Dylan, Kayla, and Josh will one day be busted for smoking grass, so they should vote for Legalization. On the other hand, those hundreds of voters north of Santa Rosa, all the hippies, growers and organic capitalists, will vote against Legalization because of the fear that they are being left out of the process.

Don’t worry kids, there’s no going back now.

Our biggest hurdle is the prison system. They love potheads. If you had to deal with Father-rapin-murdurin-small-skulled psychopaths or pot smoking falling-asleep-mellow hippies, who would you pick. If 43 million people smoke Marijuana, and a lot of those people are doing it in parked cars or outside of clubs, without the benefits of lookouts or protection. So, they get busted. Have you ever had to prosecute someone for murder? Oh, it’s a long trial with angry violent people. Sometimes, the bad guy gets off. Very messy. With POT, the judge doesn’t care that an otherwise non-violent person is going to jail. The public doesn’t care. We let prisoners to make room for new ones. So don’t forget to give to the Corrections Officers Fund. There may be a new prison near you soon. Happy Bustin’!

The state paid out 20 million to a young woman who was kept as a slave for twenty years by a rapist who was let out.

Everything catches up to us…

L.A. Times had an article that if Legalization happens, the price of POT could go down as much as 80%.

First of all, nobody knows what is going to happen, except that the dollar never drowns. So don’t worry about low prices. For good or bad, the dispensaries dictate the price. They are the Cartel. You can’t fight supply and demand.

But as long as greed exists, nothing goes for cheap, or for that matter, what it is actually worth.

I’m growing pot right now. It’s cost me about thirty dollars so far for my plants. There not too bushy so I think I might be able to get a few ounces off of the lot. But then again, the only overhead I have is buying rolling papers and Lefties.    

Once again more municipalities and far-flung counties in this state and others are looking at Marijuana for the answer to their taxation crisis. As in, “Yikes, we’re out of money.”

For the past ten years, America has been cutting checks that their mouths couldn’t cover. Wars, budgets out of control, deregulations, have all added up to a debt that is becoming unimaginable.

Now the straights are looking at Mary Jane for the way to dance this all off. Almost like forgetting all our troubles by finding gold in them there green hills.

What could ruin everything for us are greed and the simplistic answer that money from WEED is going to solve all our problems. This is going to produce a hurry-up economy. It will seem like almost overnight people will be placed in positions and the regular folk are going to wonder how it happened. Right now we have the local Marijuana Commission that, for no pun intended, I find highly suspect. Right now I feel the commission is pie-cutters. They are doling out licenses and permits not like in the halls of Tammany, but there new Boss Weed being made in the shadows every day.  

The Marijuana Farmer’s Market is out of that circle. I hope it is a success.

It’s like there’s a Marijuana taffy-pull going on right now in the industry. The Green Rush is on. Issues and boundaries are being tested on all flanks and internally. Both sides are looking for holes to exploit. Convenient money for taxes is part of that experiment. Nobody knows what is going to happen.

Except that maybe human nature will take over.

This is a Green Rush. What has history taught us?

When the golden hills of 1849 summoned all that were adventurous and strong, who came and who made money? When the Alaskan pipeline was in full swing, who came and who made money?

There’s your answer. Unless Freak Power takes over, and you can only know what I’m talking about if you’re part of the club. This is industry will go the way of Organic food at Lucky’s or some other grocery store.

Marijuana will become a name that no longer stands for or means something. It will be a product marketed by those who know how to wring the last cent, gram, and last drop of resin from our beloved weed.

Marijuana will become another thing taken from our hands because there will be too much money to be made from it to be left with individuals who couldn’t understand the potential fiscal goldmine that is growing wild and free in their fields. This is a job for politicians and the people they pick.

Hey, have a Happy Weekend!

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