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Be nice to your Bud-Tender

Legalization is going to explode over California like 4th of July fireworks-I just have no idea where the sparks are going to land...and if they’ll catch fire...

Get ready to get to know your Bud-Tenders...

San Jose Local 5 has opened its union umbrella to Oakland’s rising Marijuana Dispensary Workers and the cottage industry growing from the possibility of having WEED become legal this November. Dig this, imagine working at a Pot shop, getting paid for your time, then having all the usual health bennys, and then...then...having a pension plan. All from selling Trainwreck, edibles and working all day in the bestest job in the happiest place in the Universe for all those that walk through your doors. Legalization is going to produce thousands of jobs like that crazy office staff required for paperwork and the usual bullshit. Growers need drivers, balers and trimmers. And there will always be the need for someone tough to stand in the doorways checking ID’s and the like.

This endorsement is a big step up on the ladder of outrageous possibilities of where support and backing may come from in the rise to Legalization. It seems politically you can’t do anything without a union’s backing, so we got that. It is these moves that are transforming the dream of Legalization into the reality that is happening right before our eyes. Exciting times...

I sent an email to Bob Katzman, major domo of the last Cannabis and Hemp Expo here in Frissy back in April, asking him about his feelings of signing up people at the Expo on the spot for their Medical Marijuana Card. There was a total turn-key operation out there. You could get your recommendation and card on site. Bob said this is too important of a question to give a short answer to and because he was on the phone that exact minute firming up the details for the next Expo coming at the end of September of this year, he’d have to get back to me. I didn’t get my answer but you heard it here, what second, third? The Cannabis and Hemp Expo is returning to SF.

Again for complete transparency, I sell a product that I believe is going to help usher in the Legalization movement. I sell the California Grow Mug. It started out as a lark and a fun idea but has turned into a real business. I kind of expected to have product that would allow me to see the Marijuana industry from the inside while doing something I really believe in.

Plus, we made the news...

Plus, California Grow Mugs will be at the World Famous Haight Street Fair June 13th...Stop by and say HIGH!

Plus...Plus, I’m meeting a lot of nice people.

Like the guys who had the booth next to me at the Expo in April, they were starting a collective know as ‘Union 13.’ That’s right, they want to unionize and organize the Marijuana industry, just like the guys downtown in Union 5. It is a group of men and women, growers, old dealers, people who hold down straight jobs generally know the WEED business and wanted to bring order to a somewhat disorganized industry. I guess when you’re in an illegal industry it is hard to post meeting notes and upcoming schedules. These men and women seemed very dedicated and hopeful with the upcoming vote in November. I hope Local 5 doesn’t take any wind out of their sales, sails.

Los Angeles is stoopid. Just a thought.

With all this talk of Legalization, taxation, and libation, would it be funny if the real victor turns out to be a new thriving hemp industry that really turns this country around?

Cali voters! The office of Attorney is going to be huge for us tokers. That person is going to be responsible for bringing in a new era in spite of a Federal government that has other desires. Before you vote, do you know how your candidate stands or sits on the WEED issue? Better find out if you want to stop off at the Vinnie’s Hash Den on your way home to see your own favorite Bud Tender.

Not trying to give a shout out but I like True Liberty Bags. They are makers of a high quality turkey bag, and as we all know, turkey baster bags are use in transportation of Marijuana because it cloaks the o-dar so well. Well, I like this Sonoma-based company because while they stress these bags could be used for all kinds of turkey cooking stuff, they stress how much thicker their bags are and how much aroma they mask. You gotta love that.

On the PBS website there is an article about how illegal growers (are there any other kind?) are polluting America’s river and streams with their elicit backwoods operations. Diesel fuel from generators is leaching into our waters to the tune of over a thousand gallons a year. Not to mention the hard-wiring to the electrical grid in your average suburban grow-house, illegally and unpaid for, to the shocking number of 90 million kilowatts a year. More than seventy times the output of all the solar panels in America.

Yet there’s another reason to shine a light into an industry that has been too underground for so long.

And finally, James Fogle, the author of ‘Drugstore Cowboy,’ has been busted for...wait for it...breaking into drugstores. When the man of letters was arrested leaving a Redmond Washington pharmacy by the police, the seventy-three year old was strapped with a bb gun and wearing a hoodie for a mask. Once apprehended, the Man liked Mr. Fogle for various unsolved pharmacy break-ins throughout the Washington state area.

Legalization won’t solve everything, but legal access is a start.

By the way, the last two paragraphs have nothing to do with each other.

More Later.



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a handful of legal cases have challenged employers’ rights to bar employees from medical marijuana use  and/or to dismiss employees due to such use.

October 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermarijuana seeds

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