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Last of the Monday Morning Quarters...

      I am so tired of purple pot. There used to be something cool about having the oxygen deprived weed in your possession that is until it becomes the new marketing tool used by dispensaries everywhere...Unless it’s Afgani gooey-like, I don’t care much for the Harold and the Purple Gangs’ faves...What kind of Weed does New Orleans get and will there be enough for the partying that will be going on from now until...well until the end of Jazzfest for sure...I hate Glad bags and all the rest of the Weed industry that acts like they don’t know stoners are half of their market. Glad sandwich bags used to carry an anti-drug statement in each box. What a bunch of bull...If you don’t keep your Weed in glass jars, you’re not with it. Plus, they keep the Weed fresh and glowing unlike the drying out process done by Glad rags...I sure would like to get mad at Sister Sarah Palin. It’s just that she’s so hot. In that Dana Perino way, y’know like she’ll do anything you say. My question to Sista’ Sarah is, “Shouldn’t we abolish the Drug Czar position? Isn’t that like asking Russia to run our drug     markets?”...Speaking of Weirdness...Did you know that your regular old prescription drug that comes out of your mom’s medicine cabinet isn’t taxed? I never knew that or ever thought about it until now...As We Run Out Of Money Dept: A Cali lawmaker proposes that all growers and sellers in California be license by the state. The bill wouldn’t legalize Weed but provides “a system of regulation” for Medical Marijuana. This means paying sales tax. Right now the Board of Equalization of Ca. is only collecting around 8 million in taxes from the state’s Weed operations. They feel it could go as high as 168 mill in revenue. In 2007, Americans for Safe Access put the number around 100 million in collected taxes and revenue that the state receives. Don’t forget, that’s per year...Straight corn-eating Kansas is looking into Medical Marijuana. Maybe I will reconsider volunteer work in Lawrence...Colorado is thinking about calling their dispensaries, ‘Non-profit Health Centers’ for tax reasons...If I said this once, I’ve said it twice, Medical Marijuana is the face of the business plan that Weed has never had. It will be MM that shows the Straights how it can and will be done...Thank Whoever who keeps up the good work...How about my idea of a National Marijuana Dealer’s Day on April 18th? These unsung heroes who have been providing Weed for all of us with very little profit margins. I’m talking about the guy who buys a pound or so for friends and clients, not growers or merchants. When these guys have legal problems, have you ever sent them money? Me neither...Maybe it’s time...Bob Marley would have been 65 last Saturday. Smoke a spliff for the Grand-dad of the movement...We’ll meet again, I don’t know where or when but some sunny day... 

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