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Just Be Patient, Patients

Well kids, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is Assembly Bill 390 didn’t get out of committee to meet the January 15th deadline. Because of the nature of the bill, a two year bill. For it to have happen, it needed to get out of the committee today, and it didn’t. The good news, no Marijuana bill has got this far before. Never has a dialog been started with so many straights and your crest-test politicians in Sacmo. We owe so much to Assembly Man Tommy A. A great way to show support is with dollars. Let Tom know what a good job with a donation to his campaign. Mr. Ammiano needs our support as he leads the way to what only makes sense, the legalization of Weed.

Go Tommy A

    Another hero of the week is Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee. He was the only politician to attend the Marijuana Policy Project big hoop-de-do in D.C.  last Wednesday. Rep. Steve and Cheech and Chong, Larry Hagman (Who shoots up with J.R.?) and others for a $250 plate dinner for pro-legalization. Cheech and Chong received a trailblazer award. A good time was had by all. But my people are telling there was some hanky-panky going on behind the scenes, and not the good kind. There could be a scandal. More later...

          Just because you get high doesn’t stop anyone from being responsible for their own behavior.

          There isn’t a day that I don’t walk through my City without inhaling the sweet smell of blue smoke from businesses, flats, the parks, and sometimes, parked cars in front of cop shops.

          We are so close to the World knowing what we’ve all known for so long. Weed is fun. Weed is good. Now we just have to follow our president’s example. Be an Adult.

          Slick Willie had to brag to those around him how he evaded the question, did he ever smoke weed? “ Ah did, Ah just didn’t inhale. See how Ah got around it. I never did answer the question. Slick, huh?” But Obama said, “I inhaled. Isn’t that point.” ‘Nuff said.


          A study came out today in Sweden that states smoking Marijuana is unlikely to increase a person’s risk of killing themselves. The Swedes spent thirty years investigating deaths and their causes. You could have asked me and I would have saved them the trouble. The average head would rather fall asleep to “Grandma’s Boy” bummed out, than suck a gun. There always better bud around the corner.

          Many people want to know what it’s like to be able to go into a dispensary and have forty strains of weed available to you. It’s a lot like going to the Supermarket hungry. You go in for a loaf of bread, and end up buying ice cream sandwiches, tangerines, Mint Milano’s, and whatever else is shiny at the checkout line. My only warning, don’t go into the dispensary sober.


Peace Out

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