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Another Brand New Day

With the thousands of new strains being developed and cultivated for the growing masses seemingly every week, I’m really surprise some enterprising slacked-eyed scientist hasn’t come up with a breed of Weed that is known for its tenacious strength, pleasant bouquet and an over-all impossible not-to-like-high and call it...I dunno...BarackNRolla...maybe...Sweet Bama...Who knows? For that radical strain of Hope and Change...The Husseinster?

Yesterday was one of the biggest days in America’s history. The passage of the health care bill as it is written for a lot of us were less than perfect but it was a major step in change. Barack gave a quick press conference at fifteen minutes before midnight marking the historical importance of the moment and to let his detractors on both sides know that this is what “Change looks like.” George W. Bush never stayed up past nine in his two terms of playing president, and that’s including two wars and a vice-presidential shooting spree. When the votes came in, it was more shocking and awesome than any bombing I’ve ever see. It makes you feel good to be an American again.

What all this means to me is quality of life. That with health care we bring solutions to those who no longer need to feel that they are suffering needlessly alone. And of course what eases pain and suffering you ask? Why medicine I say.

But what kind of medicine you ask?

Wouldn’t it be scary if Marijuana solved most of the medical problems in the world? Okay, not solved, but eased the process. Y’know...The ol’ spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, if you will, so says Jackie Poppins.

In Colorado, psychiatrists are finding that Weed helps in the treatment of veterans returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Can you imagine if some Blueberry Kush was the answer for some four toured burned-out vet coming in from the Suck in Afghanistan? Could you ever indulge for a nanosecond that even if Medical Marijuana did work. Really help our soldiers who have given their lives and souls for this country. Do you think in any other administration we would even be having this conversation with a possible real endgame in mind? It’s no longer just talk. Here in California, Weed is gonna be legal soon, but that is just the start. The conversation about the therapeutic possibilities of Weed is taking root in every major American City. We are witnessing an incredible time in America.

As I have stated here before, as Stoners, we need to be smart and thoughtful. Not fear the government take-over of Weed when legalization comes but work with the process. Cultivate and trim it for our purposes. Believe it will happen and it will.

More Later...


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