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Listen to America's Doctor if you Don't Believe Me

“I’m cautious about medical marijuana because I know that some people will abuse it, but I hate to penalize suffering people just because of a few jerks. For me, it’s more about helping people than breaking laws, and it’s hard to say no to a man who’s dying of cancer if marijuana makes him feel better, stimulates his appetite, reduces his nausea from chemo, who am I to take it away from him? Or better stated: Why should we let a couple of jerks who abuse marijuana confuse us about our broader need to help people?”

Dr. Oz

Esquire Magazine

February 2010



Even though the President’s cool, doesn’t mean he can change the mind-set of the Establishment. The Fed still is afraid to look into what Weed can do for you. To get a study done now isn’t any easier than the last partying Pres was in office. Professor Lyle E. Craker, of the University of Massachusetts, has been trying for nine years, NINE YEARS, to get permission to grow a small stash for studying purposes. The Man says no.

Marijuana is the only major drug for which the federal government controls the only legal research supply and for which the government requires a special scientific review.

So while the neighbor Ritalin kids are trying to focus on one thing, like trying to grow up, instead of the ADD syndrome they’ve been diagnosed by the family doctor who takes vacations with his favorite drug company and while Zoloft does make watching Sesame Street more colorful, we can’t get permission to grow pot. Because... well... because of the wonderful things it does.

If you’re of a certain age, you know someone who hated Weed. Maybe it was the jock in high school who beat you up for your long hair and your Spicoli-ways. Maybe it was the neighbor guy who sat on his steps drinking cheap beer wondering why the hippies were bringing down this great country with their smelly Marihoony. They hated it. That is until they or someone they know got cancer. Then people who I never thought would ever come out for Weed, nod in deflated recognition how it’s help them or someone they love. Once it hits home.

For some of us, it started about getting high in high school and later became about compassion. I know people who have been literally saved by Weed. Studies have shown convincingly that marijuana relieves nausea from Chemo, helps with the aching and numbness that H.I.V. and AIDS patients suffer from.

The most a person in American can get from the government is Marinol. These tiny little pills that I think comes from watered down THC is the only gig going. For many people, Marinol doesn’t do the trick. Smoking weed is more satisfying to patients than the Marinol. The results are better and more long lasting. But that doesn’t dissuade the Feds.

  Now the University of Mississippi has the nation’s only federally approved marijuana plantation. If you want to study weed, buddy up to them. But don’t hold your toke waiting. You’re going have to jump through some fiery hoops to make that happen. Because...they don’t want it to happen. They’re afraid of the abuses of Weed, not the benefits.

New Jersey passed Medical Marijuana last week, but for only cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis patients. So far it’s the strictest in the country. There will be few dispensaries. It’s going to be very tight for Vinnie and Frankie to get the access they need for their back pain, migraines and even bong arm. “Hey, Doc, I gotta pain right here. I’m gonna need a script for killer bud before I leave here. That is...if it’s okay with you...and if you still want your garbage picked-up.” I kid the state that’s going Republican and broke.

We’re going forward but still into the darkness until we realize what we don’t have to be afraid of. We know it helps people. We know people get the munchies after a nice Sativa. We know people who would waste away without magic brownies and the knowledge that there is a way out. But we don’t get it. We don’t understand it. Everyone says that once we learn how to tax it, the laws will change. I say, don’t let a few jerks in government bully a nation that could use the relief.


Peace Out.

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