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Wild in the Streets


What I find utterly fascinating about the Tea Party is how quickly they became established as a political voice and party. As I’ve stated before, being a member of various left-wing causes and having marched against wars since I was thirteen, why are they heard opposed to us?

Now with what is happening in Wisconsin, and the support that the Tea Party sponsored governor has, my only question is-How long until there is a class war in America?

America began its short walk down the Orwellian path January 20th 2009, coincidently, the day the first African-American president was elected in United States. From that point on, all problems, dilemmas, and predicaments that had ever befallen the great land of ours, was now Obama’s fault. Whatever happened previously, from the stewing books of Enron to the drain of two wars at the cost of two billion each a week, from the old stalwarts like pollution, abortion, immigration, 9/11 to children being fat-all his twenty-six months-at-the-job, his burden.   

We live paradoxically and conveniently in the Age of Entitlement and revisionist history. We live in a time of basically-I deserve it because I say so! We don’t believe in experience or history. Our collected hatred has become so immense that we’ve stopped being for something and have turned passions towards the Capriciousness of Opposition. Our value is- ‘I don’t know what I’m against until I hear what you’re for.’ We aren’t much for anything anymore, but we are against what you’re for. The Tea Party no longer needs a plan; they just need a group to rally against. They are the originals rebels without causes.     

Take a look what’s happening in Wisconsin. The Governor came into office with a surplus budget. He whittled that down to nothing with deals for his business partners. The pensions of the Badger state along with most other American states and Iceland were lost due to the price-fixing scheming of Wall Street when they dupe America with the credit-swaps genius Ponzi exchange. Once the coffers of the state’s budget was dry, the money that was due to the workers who've been paying into these benefits since their first paycheck, the Governor turned on those same people whose money was drain by guys who right now are getting big, fat bonuses. He’s blaming the people whose money was stolen for letting their money being stolen by people like him. And here’s the crazy part…he has support.

The same people who do not understand that the highways and streets they drive on are paid for by this mysterious process called taxes. Police, firemen and 911 operators have to be paid. That when we say, “Support the Troops,” it means that they get their veteran’s check on time and the hospitalization they may need stays open. That the old and infirm that depend on the repayment that the Government has had stashed in a bank somewhere drawing interest, gets it.      

But in New America, only some are entitled, like corporations. It wasn’t enough that Gianticor, Inc. need not disclose their political contributions like the rest of us slobs have to. No, now the Tea Party wants to do away with having the biggest polluters and connivers not have to pay taxes. They believe, and remember, because we’re only going by Texas school book history, the trickle-down economics of the Reagan Era did work. And remember, this is all bullshit, The Tea Party members now believe that if you let Big Business be, deregulate and just open the doors and your drawers for them, we will all prosper. Now mind you, that has never happen in the history of the world. But now, we are being told it really does work. The same way Republican presidents balance the budgets and downsize government. Just ask Dick Army or Sarah Palin, they’ll tell you. Or tweet you at the very least.    

So it is the union’s fault this is all happening. Those teachers and nurses, they’re the bad guys. What’s strange about that is, I know many teachers and nurses. I really don’t know one guy who works on Wall Street. I have more teachers and nurses on my block than I do Wall Street types. I never really realized how many bad people I live among.

But I digress…

Right now in America, we’re turning against each other in the name of money. It seems if you’re fearful and if you could turn back the Hands of Time to some vague, unknown date before everything got weird for you, you support the Rich and refuse to question their motives and desires. If you’re like me baffled and can’t believe how far Right this country has gone all the while calling the New Conservatism we’re experiencing, “The Middle.”

I am sure in the next few months we will debate children labor laws, along with tuna control and why are we letting these crazy chicks vote anyway?

For many of us, it hard to believe how fast this country is changing, and then again, not changing. For some, Obama represents the ultimate Boogie-Man. A stranger uninvited who has taken over our women and children’s minds, and no one sees it. Because of him, we need to change everything.

And what is everything? The legal right to abortion. That damn big yellow bird that some accredited with bringing down Apartheid in South Africa, forcing children of different colors to accept each other. The money that allows for crucifixes to being dunked in urine, that the Liberals call art. In other words, the Usual Suspects.

Right now the conservatives, the Republicans and the Tea-Baggers no longer need the cries of, “Jobs now!” They made it in. They got the gig.

Soon the New Conservatives will wake up and realize that the streets and stoplights are paid with tax dollars. The same people that want America to return to the Mayberry values of the Fifties are going to find out they’ve been duped again.

Do you think they’re going to be mad at their leaders? I don’t think so, that isn’t change they can believe in. It will always be the same old bad guys for them. Liberal causes. The very identical acts that their leaders already have access to, abortions, health care, drugs they want gone.

It will be this self-hatred and embarrassment that will cause seemingly nonviolent people to become a throbbing mass of anger. Once looting and inability to get health care becomes the norm, those same people who are now crying for the end of taxes and leaders, who look out for others, are going to become very upset. They’re going to need to find their Own Very Private Iraq.

With Tea-baggers, voting the bustards out of office is not enough. Otherwise they would have used their right to vote before. I fear righteous rioting will be the escape valve for their indignation over the ignorance of not knowing how the American tax system works.  


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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Wild in the Streets

Reader Comments (3)

Interesting to note that the "tea party" got started before Obama was even inaugurated.
No matter how often they try to sweep that constantly mounting pile of dirt under the rug, it's kind of obvious where their heads are at.
They're unhappy that a black guy was elected president.

April 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBob

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