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Today’s Stoner Word: Titration



In the Day, we didn’t have all these names to deal with. It was basically whatever your dealer had like Mexican or Jamaican, or some other exotics, but for the most part, we didn’t have more than ten names to remember. Beyond the actual plant title, the best designation that could be given to any stuff around that time was, this is ‘two-hit Shit.’

        Two-hit Shit meant that exactly. For the unbelievers, if you took that third puff, you were holding to the throw rug in the middle of the living room floor like paranoid Robinson Crusoe holding onto the edge of an island. Two-hit Shit could put you away in a couple of tokes. So you would tell your friends, “only take two drags, and then see what happens.”

        We would call this WEED, ‘The Creeper Weed.’ For the obvious reason, that this kind of Pot would start like a Disney Movie with bluebirds rolling you a joint then morph into the Exorcist with the bed shaking and your head spinning like a Maytag in the heat-cycle.

        And in essence, growing up around Dopers, that was really the extent of the medical advice one would receive concerning Pot intake.

        “It’s two-hit Shit, Man. I’m serious.”

        In about another month, California is going to approve Proposition 19. If it does pass, lookout for the Anti-Pot people to get real legal on our asses with loopholes and trying any way they can to stop us from smoking our WEED.

        One of the many attacks that they will use is, “Marijuana these days is much stronger than the Marijuana that we grew up with.” Very true and thank who ever has upped the THC factor. God or Growers, thank who ever.

        Here’s a little trick I’ve learned from smoking the two-hit Shit. Take two hits and put the joint down. Okay, that might have gone by rather quickly. After lighting the joint or filling the vape bag, take only a couple of hits of the smoking implement, pause, and take a moment to gauge the effects of your smoky-smoky.

        That is called Titration. Titration is the act of self-gauging the effects of say, medicine.

        One of the biggest reasons that Marijuana is illegal and not medicine is because of Titration. The American Medical Association (Whom has never really come out against Marijuana) keeps Pot illegal because they [the AMA] feels that they are the only governing body smart enough to dispense drugs like Marijuana.

        Take Aspirin, please. We does love our aspirin. It comes from a plant, but it is synthesize down to some three ingredients or compounds. Marijuana has about 400 compounds in it. That is one of the reasons there are so many different strains today. All one has to do is change the THC and CBD ratios in the WEED, breed with another, and Bingo! You have a new strain called, O.G. Purple Blue Kush.

        The AMA doesn’t have a problem dispensing Aspirin because it is so regulated. With WEED, there’s a new strain every day.  And let’s face it; if someone is going through all the trouble of creating a new type of WEED, we want it to have the greatest fuck-up value as possible. When I hear about a new name, my first question is, how high will I get?

        But I like many others have learned that we are on our own when smoking WEED. Many of my friends are against Prop. 19 for the very reason that they don’t want anyone telling them anything about how they should use WEED. It would be weird for the government not to allow some WEED to be sold because it was too strong.

        So we need to take responsibility and show that we are accountable and do not need any one telling us how to smoke our WEED.

        So how do we test our WEED? We take it in small doses until we are sure how it will affect us. By titrating the joint, smoking it then setting it down, measuring the influence is how conscientious tokers do it.

        So when some Anti-potty mouth spoil-sport starts mouthing off about the Stoners driving like Mr. Magoo on the road or how crazy it will get in Cali when Tommy Chong gets elected Governor, remind Mr. or Mrs. Buzzkill that’s not how we roll. We use titration to investigate the strength of our WEED when we medicate.

        Personally, when the Buzzkills hears the word ‘Titration’ coming out of a Stoner’s mouth, I think the discussion is over. By the time the Buzzkills are Googling ‘Titration,’ and wondering, “How can this Pothead be smarter than me?”

        We will be back in the lab conducting our own personal experiments

        Be Smart. Be Stoned. Be Cool.



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