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Take My Mexicans, Please!


We Americans have a very convenient memory. When Life is good, we are a country of open doors. But once we get bombed or attacked, all bets are off. If you aren’t White or Christian, the streets might not be the safest place for you until the collective White fear subsides.

Take your Mexicans, please!

The scenario is pretty familiar. There wasn’t a problem as long as there were jobs. But because of the Greed of Wall Street, the United States’ economy has sunk lower than oil on an ocean’s bottom. Houses are being foreclosed. Cities that once thrived with tinsel and stars are laying off cops, firemen and teachers. Jobs are getting scarce. Employers are lowing wages taking advantage of the economic tailspin. White people can’t get work and line the streets in lawn chairs waiting for something to happen.

At first it is just a handful of pale skinned leaders who speak up about the growing menace that is spreading among us. But then more hop on the bandwagon drumming the xenophobic beat. Pretty soon the hard data is revealed. After many years of unregulated financial scheming, the opaque spokespeople have determined the source of America’s dollar woes.

The Mexicans. It’s those damn quiet, unassuming people that have been here for centuries doing the jobs that we wouldn’t, that are now determined to be the problem.

But these immigrants that help settled our country have been here so long, they’re embedded. Too many of them have jobs that not only did we rely on them for, but have been in their positions for many years.

How to remove them? Hmmmm????

Only if these new vagrants were doing something to the White people that we could get them for, and possible bonus, the kids.

Well, there were these stories, more like rumors really, of Mexicans smoking something called ‘Marihuana.’ The stories might not be true but it will help destroy the image of a people that were known as hard and diligent workers.

But how does one concoct a scenario almost overnight? Just like throwing a major league baseball game, you really need a pitcher and a catcher. Have to control all media outlets by getting the inside players. So you get the biggest newspaper man in the country in on it. The Government pulls in the nephew of a government official who will play ball on their side and not ask questions. Then you send out the ‘Talking Points’ so the crusaders stays on message. Once the fear is manufacture to an already frightened public, it’s like blowing up a bulging, repressive dam. After the initial big boom, you just have to wait for nature to take it’s somewhat already predetermine course. When the dam breaks, waves and waves of hysteria sweeps our undesirables away, giving us our jobs that we didn’t want to do before but now that jobs are gone, we’re ready to do that kind of work again. That is until the economy rebounds and we can have our real jobs back.

And that is what happened in the Nineteen-thirties of America. The Secretary of the Treasury put his nephew, Harry Anslinger, in charge of the campaign to make Marijuana the dreaded drug that it would become for the next seventy years. William Randolph Hearst published bogus stories of crazed Mexicans (and soon African-Americans too, anything that scares the suburbs) attacking White families with machetes and rusty knives.

So basically, if you have a news outlet and enough so-called leaders speaking to an already panicky people, you can lock up anyone who is different. I mean, if jobs and money are at stake.

I read this morning in Kym Kemp’s Blog,  that another Hispanic grower was shot up in Mendo the other day.

Every day I hear another story of either anti-immigrant or anti-Hispanic sentiment. On cable, more and more reports of people with darker skin than us are being beat-up at school soccer and baseball games. And at this very minute, I’m told Mosques and Mexicans are ripping apart the fabric of America in half. In shreds, as far as I’m concern.

Seventy years ago, a false anti-immigrant strategy was developed to outlaw a drug that interfered with a paper and lumber industry. Not to mention the canvas industry, the oil industry and the possible good time many Americans could of had. The only stumbling block was a group of people who didn’t have a voice in the say. But we got rid of them. Mexicans were rounded up and sent wherever.

That was a long time ago. We smarter now. We don’t go to the casa were they are hiding. We go to the blueprints of the building, the Constitution. This time we’ll get them at the seeds. Their children.

And we’ll make them go away until we need them again.  

Vaya Con Dios…


Mas Later…

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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Take My Mexicans, Please!

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