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Popping My Own Bubbles

Jack Herer passed away on the fifteenth, last week. The Los Angeles Times is the only major periodical to cover his death, and that was in today’s obits. I’ve been waiting for the mainstream media to cover and recognize one of our pioneers. I took it as a bad sign that there wasn’t any mention for little over a week.

I believe with all my heart that WEED is going to be legal here in Cali November 3rd. But maybe I live in my own little WEED bubble. When the media didn’t trip over itself over the passing of Jack, especially with the tie-in of 420 and the vote in November, I got nervous. It would have made a good story, for them.

People forget how Republican California is. Forget about Gov. Ahnold, think Reagan. Of the last fifteen governors of Cali, only four have been Democrats, and that includes Jerry Brown’Jerry Brown.jpgs Dad, twice. We live in a Big Business state that gets really nervous when the cash ends up in Demo hands. Just ask Gray Davis. I mean Enron came after him, shot him with a hypodermic of Texas oil-blood and turned off his lights. Politics gives vampires a bad name in terms of blood sucking.

I am now scared about Legalization, but more-so about having Meg Whitman as my next governess, and she will be, unless her Goldman-Sachs ties become too much. But even then, people don’t care about money and politics. Right now the Teabaggers are more concern with the help that their neighbors in Michigan received than with the Wall Street shenanigans.

Meg has the green light for landing. All she has to do is not do anything stupid, and the contest is hers. Why? Because Jerry Brown is not for Legalization.

Let me explain...

Jerry Brown has stated over and over, that he is not for the Legalization of Marijuana. I personally think that Jerry is old and is living in the past. I think, he thinks that the Voters are going to see him as Gov. Moonbeam again if he comes out for POT. So he’s staying away from the controversy. Big Mistake.

So that’s the first thing Jerry needs to do, come out for WEED, and here’s why.

This state is as divided as the country is now. For Jerry’s sake, we had a Teabag demo in Union Square last week. That space is usually reserved for Flash mobs and guys in parkas with no pants. The next election is going to be as heated and as seen as being an indicator of the New Right. We can’t let Meg win.

Right now, today, no matter how many fake polls they show you, Californians are slightly in favor of Legalization. Just a little over half, like 56 % are in favor of having Kush sold at Walgreens. What Jerry needs to do is come out for WEED and makes this an issue the way the Turd Blossom made Gay Marriage the worst thing that ever could happen to the Union, Federally or Mommy-Daddy-wise. Bring the voters out over a big issue that affects us all, like what would have happen if we would have let those Gays be happy way back in ’06, or was it in ’04. For such a huge issue that was almost going to bring down our country if Gays had their way, I can’t even remember the actual years of that crisis. That false-created turmoil that made a mid-term election so volatile, so potent, the good people left their homes for the polling booth in fear of what could happen if they didn’t.

Jerry Brown needs to get behind the WEED issue or he is going to lose. Jerry, give me a call. I can help.



I spoke recently about Hummingbird Lodge, the Navaho Retirement home I used to work at in Arizona. Part of me loves AZ for the beauty of the deserts and landscapes. There’s nothing like waking and climbing a small mountain in the morning and taking that first hit over the painted sands of the Valley. Arizony though has a, pardon the pun, a dark side. Arizona is a very racist state. When folks at this bar that I frequented on the way home from work found out that I was from California, they gave me a lot of politically correct shit. Like trying to make me say the word, nigger. It was the biggest joke for them. Because it was just word, they said. I pointed out that it is really easy to say certain words when the objects of that particular pejorative isn’t present, and if there is any representation, they’re in the kitchen or too few in numbers to say anything. The bar-folk just laughed at me.  

I will say that the Border States do have issues that other states do not have, but the signing of the law yesterday that makes it legal to stop anyone who isn’t white, went way over board. Yet no one in that states seems to care, I mean no one white.

But this is just the beginning. As Whitey becomes more freaked out, the more the panic is going to set in. I would like to point out that during the campaign for president, John McCain accidently called his lovely wife, Cindy by the C-word, twice. No one flinched.

George Bush’s administration was warned about planes that might fly into our big buildings, and did nothing. Do you think That Obama could ever get those Pasadena’s? Obama is getting blamed for the Viet Nam war. He gets blamed for everything. Especially when the last guy put in a forty-five minute day. Amer’cans aren’t used to seeing someone work hard and trying to actually change things. Like the way we treat each other as Americans.

We have to be careful because the power grid is becoming way unbalanced, going towards the other side. We don’t get second chances the way Republicans do. Every candidate that is running needs to be asked about Arizona and what their feelings are about this issue.

We can’t let issues slip away like a forgotten Netflix hiding behind the DVD.


One more thing...

The reason I capitalize the word, WEED, is because it is going to be more correct to call Marijuana, Cannabis, so the Straights won’t get as scared. I like the more in your face style. I have paid a price on many levels for my indulgence. For me, there’s no sugar-coating. It’s WEED for me.


More Later...  

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