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Rebels without Clues

So the headlines read, “California to have legalization of Marijuana on the ballot in November.” As my dedicated followers knows, or as I refer to my readership as the ‘Duo of Greatness,’ and I do thank you both, I have been predicting that not only will legalization be on our ballot this year, it will pass. That is why I have been talking about the Responsibility of Legalization, now. So we can be ready when it happens. We’re lucky to have Richard Lee on our side. Along with the other forefather and mothers of Legalization, Richard is building a political machine that is going to be hard to take down after we get our joint handed to us, legally.

Why legalization?

Taxes, taxes, taxes. That is the easy answer. When talking about Legalization, it all gets back to the money. Let’s face facts; it is the cash that is going to bring in the straights. Yeah, in this hurting economy, the timing may be right for legalization because we need to keep police and firemen working. Wouldn’t it be funny if we funded the cops with pot revenue? And more to the point, what if the legalization allowed cops to really do their job and catch bad guys?

Check this out...

Over in Ireland, your average club-goer has found a new drug. Imagine a hooligan with black cut-off gloves adjusting his C’mon Eileen black britches in the mirror. He likes what he sees before taking a swig off his Lite ‘n Bitter, a drag off a spliff, and then before donning his lucky green hat, drops a few bath salts down the gullet, finishes the beer and hits the streets. That’s right, bath salts.

It seems that Ireland has laws that allow headshops to stay open till four a.m. and the kids queue up for hits of this bath salt to drop and party with. The bath salts contain the drug called mephadrone. And you know that any drug that sounds like Meth means you’re going to be speeding and losing teeth soon. The kids take it like poppers. Okay here’s the deal.

This new drug has taken the streets by storm. No one saw it coming. Cops don’t know how to bust the kids for a drug that is still legal. Parents are concern. But here’s the funny part. The local mob, read organize crime, has been, how shall we say, letting the local headshops know that they are stepping on the product of their business. In other words, the Calgon cocktail is taking a bite out of their coke trade. Headshops are being torched and vandalized. All this violence is because of this new, legal drug that is upsetting the applecart for the bad guys. See, legal puts the bad guys out of business.   

One Toke over the Goalpost Sweet Jesus...

It has been reported that the top college football players when asked about Marijuana use, over a third of the players up for the pros, have had a “history with Marijuana.” The question is, are you going to pass on these top players as per your scouting report because of Weed use, or are you going to let them play and change with the times? And if Weed is so bad for you? How come the top players can use it?

One last thing...

I hate American Idol. It has no place in this universe or any other. I don’t know the music. I hate the people. It’s not even a guilty pleasure. Walking by the telly Tuesday night, I saw this God awful Karaokefest from Hades. There was this kid, a youngster coming to the microphone. The Idol kidz were doing Billboard’s 100 songs. That meant they could do any song that was in the top 100 of country, pop, rock, whatever. This kid announced he was doing the song from the Boxtop’s, “The Letter.” Not only did he do a shitty version of the song but there wasn’t one person on the stage that night that recognized that the author of the song, Alex Chilton, had passed away a week ago. Not one of the music people sitting down acknowledged the passing of one of the industry’s unsung heroes. And so Alex Chilton was left unsung, hanging out in Memphis all the while...

   Bye you big star...

Of course there will be more later...

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I love this blog.

March 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSara From Ohio

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