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America's First Family of Hate





Westboro Baptist Church hate squad to picket Capuchino High School in San Bruno, November 8

Today the God Hates Fags people are coming to town again, this time to bring their gypsy-scam circus to Capuchino High School. So far the only reason locals can figure why Fred Phelps, Sr. and Fam are bringing their bogus-protest is because the public high school teaches science, not creationism. Otherwise, we’re not sure why?

I know I am a simply blogger. I am writer who has hopes of working for a big-time unit one day, whether national magazine or newspaper, but until that time I can only look forward to someone finding this article and bringing it to the attention of someone who has either more readers or more power.

The God Hates Fag bunch comprises a family out of Topeka, Kansas, named the Phelps. The Phelps run the Mothership of all-Hate Ministeries called the Westboro Baptist Church.

 I can only speculate what happens behind closed doors out there in the Middle West, but the Rev. Phelps and his large, extended family are primarily known for picketing the funerals of any fallen military personnel  who they perceive to be a Homosexual or doing the devils work.

They also stage their rallies against Jews, Gays, and that most hidden menace, the Swedes. Yes, the Phelps believe that the Swedes are immoral and an earthquake in 2004 that claimed many Swedish lives was seen as God’s revenge for the Swedish tolerant stance on Homosexuality.

In January of this year, I tried to infiltrate the Phelps family when they brought their Devil and Pony show to the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

The City had provided an area in front of the JCC to do their protest. I joined them behind the barricaded area to do my own rebellion.

My idea was to bring up the fact that most of the Christmas songs were written by Jewish composers. I rallied that it was time for us to come up with our own strictly Christian-written songs. I had songs like, “It’s going to be a really, White, White Christmas.” And “Oh Come, All Ye Hateful.”

But to my surprise, I was outed by the Jews who were picketing the God Hates Fag people for being Jewish. I don’t see it but some twenty others did.

My plan failed. But what did happen was this, for about thirty minutes I was up close and personal with the Phelps.

I looked into the eyes of the leaders and more importantly, their brain-washed daughters. While Dad and Mom directed the proceedings, the protest against the JCC and the all the evil it represents by having a swimming pool that allows anyone with a membership to use, I spoke to the daughters.

These young women were programmed. They spoke in sound-bites that Frank Luntz could only dream of. One told me that my head was empty and the spaces were causes her to get sick. After trying to figure out what she just had said, I tried to talk to her further. By that time one of the Elder Sisters came in between us and I was disbarred from the Phelps.

Between the Jews yelling at me for being a turn-coat and the Phelps on to me as being an interloper, the heat was on and I needed to get out.

Being that close to the Phelps family I saw and felt their self-righteous pain and anger. And I think that’s what we’re supposed to see.

Because they are a scam.

You can look online and find the Phelps protesting schedule. You won’t be able to join because they have their demonstrations orchestrated down to the minute and seconds. These demonstrations are staged to incur the wrath of those around them. The Phelps are very much in control at these rallies. They fake left, on the hopes that you will attack with your right. It’s a lot like the wresting I used to see as a kid on TV. Just like All-Star Wrestling, the Phelps matches are all staged.

The Phelps just recently had their case before the Supreme Court. They are allowed to protest under the First Amendment. What they do is legal. And they count on that.

When they are attacked or confronted with violence, even water-balloons, they sue. The Phelps only has their large immediate family at the protests, barely a third cousin to be seen. But they have an army of Lawyers in waiting ready to pounce and sue.   

How can they afford all their protests? Google their schedules. Who supplies them with the bucks to fly across the country at a moment’s notice? Check their record for their court wins. Cause they win all the time.

There is something not right in Topeka.


I was an anti-war protester in the Sixties and Seventies. It has been said that the returning soldiers coming back from Vietnam were spit on. I hope that wasn’t true. I’ve heard it was a myth and then I’ve heard otherwise. The debate still continues to this day.

I might have been a protester but I am also the son of a veteran of World War II and Korean Conflict, I have respect for anyone who served. Even back then.

Could it be true that the servicemen were spit on?

I don’t know, I never saw it. Would we allow a family to fly to funerals all across this great country of Ours, to spit on the graves of servicemen and women now, with full knowledge of it happening?

I guess so. I’ve seen it.

The Phelps family has been allowed to protest for over ten years now. They have this road-show they lovingly call, ‘I’ll spit on your grave’. I just have to make airline reservations first. And we can’t stop them.

They are the most modern family in America. They get to be outlandish. Inappropriate. Hostile. Troublemakers. And at the end of the day, they can sue whoever tries to stop their hate.

It will be just a matter of time before they get their own reality show.

 On one level, they are geniuses. The more you hate them, the more money they bring in. It is like a Ponzi scheme for the hateful. The more they piss off, the more their monetary intake.

Couple of weeks ago, America found out that gay teens are dying because of bullies.

Well, let me introduce you to America’s First Family of Bullies, the Phelps of Topeka, Kansas.


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