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Just say, “I would prefer not to,” Day.


Well, when I’m wrong, I’ll admit. I was wrong and the Republicans were right. You can say “No,” for almost two years to EVERYTHING that the president puts forth, and the American people are okay with it.

At this point President Obama still hasn’t all his positions in his administration approved because of some Republicans holding their confirmation back. Why? Because they can.

We’re in one of the worst economic crisis that the country has faced in almost a hundred years, and half the country would rather see India and China surpass us as world powers. Those so-called red states would rather bleed America slowly by hamstringing Obama administration with every proposal that he puts forth instead of lending a hand and get this country working again.

You can see the leaders of the Republican Party are on TV nightly proudly boasting how they had refused a vote or conformation that would have helped the country and Obama’s administration accomplished the goal that they were reaching for. And the response of the American people when they hear another policy is questioned to death and then stymied in time-hole of committees; “Bully!”

I find this amazing how easily the American people accept this kind of behavior. In these trying times when so many people are supposedly so angry with what is happening with their country, that this solution is acceptable, at first just freaked me out. Then I became to understand it better.

It would be too easy and comical to blame Nancy Reagan who started it all with ‘Just say no,’ campaign in the Eighties. She did introduce the whole concept of being able to reject something on pure self-interest beliefs. So I give her that.

But there is a precedent earlier than that. There was this guy who wrote a pretty good book about a big fish named Herman Melville. It’s no Bassmaster, but a good read at the beach if white whales and harpoons are your thing.

        Mr. Melville also wrote a little story, actually a very long little story called, ‘Bartleby, the Scribner, a story of Wall Street.’ It’s about this small law firm that hires a fellow named Bartleby who works out very well for the first few weeks and then suddenly one day when asked to do any task or assignment, Bartleby replies, “I would prefer not to.” That’s it. That is all he says to anyone from that point forward.

        I would prefer not to.

        So I was thinking since August 1st is Mr. Melville’s birthday, why not a national day of ‘I would prefer not to.’

        If it is good enough for the Republicans and their followers to always just say no, how come not the rest of us? I would love to say no to my boss, or to any extra work as far as that goes.

        Just think, a whole day of knowing you’re not going to assist a co-worker who might need help or even someone who might be waiting for an extension on their unemployment insurance. It’s very freeing knowing you’re only in it for yourself. It’s like a burden been lifted. It may be difficult in the beginning to learn how not to care for others, but the less you do, the more you don’t care. You might even consider asking John Boehner for a job.

I think August 1st should be Bartleby Day or another name similar to that. One day where the whole country just says, “I would prefer not to.”

           I can’t imagine it causing any problems.

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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Just say, “I would prefer not to,” Day.
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Just say, “I would prefer not to,” Day.
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Just say, “I would prefer not to,” Day.
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Just say, “I would prefer not to,” Day.
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