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Some Friday Hitz

I once heard this urban myth that the first two cars driving around in some big Mid-western state like Kansas or Iowa in the late eighteen-nineties, with no other motorized traffic to speak of, ran into each other. That’s what these days before Legalization makes me think of…

Worlds are colliding. One door closes while another one opens.

Speaking of cars…What’s up Motown? A very pimp sounding state representative named Rick Jones is trying to shut down the Pot Clubs of Michigan because he believes, “Marijuana users shouldn’t be encouraged to drive.” Number one, maybe Detroit is too car-conscious but with GM bouncing back, I would think Michigan would be all about getting people back into cars. There’s nothing like a Bogue Cruise along Grosse Point with a big fatty to pass the time. Also, because of the cheap rents for buildings and this thing called, ‘Winter.’ Michigan grows some of the best indoor I’ve ever seen outside of Washington State and B.C. Good luck shutting down progress…

Speaking of shutting down…

The Netherlands are tightening up their drug policies. Who’s to blame? Not your everyday Hans Brinker, that’s for sure. It seems that some of the border towns attracts up to two million visitors annually to towns the size of Hooterville. Most of these small burgs have typically about ten to twelve Pot Clubs for the foreigners to choose from. Remember, for the most part, the Dutch aren’t big tokers. There is a plan to make the Pot Clubs for locals only. You would need a residence card. This would be totally bullshit creating a huge black market of ganja-drooling tourist waiting outside of the Gulden Horn while Hans is inside scoring for the opened-pocket mark. I don’t believe all those whorehouses in the Red-light districts are only being frequented by locals. Are they going to make the sex clubs ‘Locals-only’ or will tourist dollars still be good there?

Remember that Marijuana and Hash are not legal in the Netherlands. They have a policy very similar to one here in San Francisco. It’s called, ‘We don’t have a clue but we’re selling the shit anyway.’ Right now the Dutch are trying to figure out how to handle their drug problem. It’s time some other countries step in and Legalize and let our Dutch friends get back to sticking some fingers into some dykes. Or whatever they do when not drinking, smoking, or riding their girly bikes. C’mon other countries, jump in, and lighten up. Or light up, whatever works…

Speaking of jumping in…

Mexico is considering Legalizing Pot because…well, pick a reason. Shootings, kidnapping, crazy-ass violence, and that’s just in Tijuana. I love the Country of Mexico. I love the Mexican people. I just can’t stand the law down there. Too many dollars and pesos involved for any real change to happen down. But I am ever hopeful.

How old am I? Let me count the rings around my eyes…

Curt Cobain’s kid is eighteen. You would think by now we would have a coherent drug policy, just so the Cobain kid has some direction…

Some really good news…

The National Black Police Association has endorsed Proposition 19. There are some twenty-four chapters around the states. There’s nothing cooler than a cool cop. So sez I.

As always, just a plea to stay focused for these upcoming months. The anti-Legalization side is going to attack Prop. 19 regarding driving stoned and of course, “What about the children?”

Today I’ll answer the driving question.

The guy in Michigan is worried about the impairment of the Marijuana driver. Fair question. Tell the anti-Legalization people that they are confusing alcohol with Pot. With alcohol, you get loaded and you crash your car. With Pot, you get loaded and you crash in your car, getting a solid five to six hours of sleep before waking up and going, “Where the fuck am I? Oh, yeah, my car.”


Peace Out.


More Later.

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