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It’s All Happening


My friend Lizrd loves Nascar. She can watch race after race for hours at a time. She tells me who to like and dislike. Her only complaint, “Today’s drivers are get’in too fancy. They’re forget’in their moonshine roots.”

Watching decaled cars going around a track is America’s biggest sport. I know there are many Nascarians out there, who take great pride in the fact that most of the early race car-drivers, whether stock or hot-rod, were moonshiners or cargo-men who were hired to out-run the local Johnny Law. We love there’s a criminal aspect that drives the myth of this sport. That’s why Lizrd loves the bad-boy drivers and raises her perfectly-plucked eyebrows at the new, modern scientific drivers that might actually workout and not take a few beers before they get behind the wheel.

Soon, that same light-hearted spirit will surround Marijuana.

        Lately I’ve seen pictures of Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson sharing a bong. The shots looked like they’re photoshopped, mostly because of the copious amount of smoke in the frame. I hope the picture is true. People need to see the good side of POT. We’re more than Cheech and Chong going, “Yeah, man.” We’re more than Olympic star sneaking a bong. We’re more than blurry-eyed teenagers sneaking a hit under the bleachers.

In fact, we’re starting to happen.

        I think the hundredth monkey just took a hit.


        Little by little, the light is being shown to those who have been afraid to look. Yesterday, Jane Hamsher, of, with others organized the new, vibrant campaign, ‘Just Say Now.’ The group is made up of long time-what I would call ‘non-mainstream activists’ for the segment of the population that thinks of Willie and Snoop when they think about Marijuana activists. Like the ex-police chief of Seattle that has been like Cassandra in his banging of the gong for Legalization. Priests and the clergy have joined. Judges and parent-teacher organizations have banded behind the movement for Legalization. This is huge. Bookend this with the Veteran’s Admin acceptance of Medical Marijuana, and Boy Howdy, this Legalization thing might really be happening.

        One of the challenges the activists have here in Cali is, the folks under the age of twenty-seven or so, thinks that WEED is already legal. Since 1997 they or their friends have had the ability to buy WEED at a store. On the dustier side of the coin, if you’re over forty, you might still put a towel underneath the door when you smoke. Old habits die hard…  

        See, I can’t believe that there’s a more than greater chance that come November third this year, WEED will be legal. Yeah, I know the law won’t go into effect until the end of January, but try to tell that to my peers in the Haight/Ashbury.

        Lordy, it gonna be a smoke-fest if this passes…But I digress…

        Everyday we’re getting stronger. It’s like there is this cross-country hayride for all heads and non-heads alike to jump on, getting ready for the mellowest ride of your life. Plus at the end is the possibility of seeing your friends the cops, firemen and teachers back at their jobs. That we might have a partial solution to the fear that is gripping the country due the roller coaster ride of the American Dollar. Once the economy takes a few hits off of its new found taxation, maybe we can mellow out a little and stop blaming those who we find different when we’re scared.

        Once all the Pot-smokers come out who five years ago would never have a chance of believing that they could do their job and still be a stoner like doctors, nurses, bus-drivers, air-traffic controllers, lawyers and police. The world is going to be a different place. Once astronauts, bomb squad workers or super-heroes show that you can take a hit after work, just like those that need a cocktail after landing a plane in an emergency, the public will see that just because you use-doesn’t mean you use at work.  

        Marijuana has its place the same way any spirits or medicine does. It is kinda hard to believe that civilization drank mead, ales and other forms of booze for about three hundred years because, well, water could kill you. We have the Dark Ages, the Medieval times and the Giuliani years, but no, ‘Age of Drinky-drinky.’  It was just understood that how we lived as a people. No big whoop. Kids, Mom and Dad all had the breakfast of champions, beer, every morning. Lunches and dinner too, as far as that goes. Booze was what they drank. End of story.

        And just like booze, we’ll have to be careful and responsible for our actions. A lot of us out here remember how smoking Marijuana made even Dennis Miller funny. Right there is a warning that the possibility to overindulge is out there.


Some historians believe Marijuana has been around as long as alcohol. One day this will be taught in text books in Texas.

        We’re getting to the point where we can hold our green-bud torches high, and I mean, high. More and more the momentum is changing for our side.

        We’ve been a culture dominate in our love of booze and hiding the treat some 54 million of us do in the shadows. But it is all changing.

        I’ve heard car enthusiast go on forever about NASCAR’s early roots in the mountains of Tennessee and the back roads of Georgia. I get somewhat jealous when I hear about the outlaw ancestry of how racing got its start.

        But that is going to change too.

        In five years time, when the rest of the country catches up to idea of Legalization, getting hip to the idea that it is wrong to put other-wise innocent people behind bars. We’re going to be able to look back in pride here in California. We will be able to realistically show a point in time where many people of different backgrounds came together for one issue.


        Divergent groups have aligned themselves together to protect the rights of strangers to be who they are without fear of being put away for being different.

        These are glorious times.

        It’s All Happening…



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    Jack's Blog - Blog - It’s All Happening
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - It’s All Happening
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - It’s All Happening
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - It’s All Happening

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Not just the former police chief from Seattle. Unless you mis-typed and meant San Jose, add another:

And you'll notice he's also connected with the Hoover Institute at Stanford, not exactly a liberal group.

August 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterrob

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