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I’m Green But My Dope Isn’t



Okay, I could be a real prick and ask if you love your country. Start poking you in the chest with, is it about Compassion or Greed? Maybe head for third with, “Really, so you recycle, huh?” And for the big wind-up, making my way home, “Do you try to eat organic?” I could really start guilt-tripping you with facts, but I think too much of you to do that.

But if you’re really serious about eating and buying locally, worried about what you put into your body, why don’t you care about what you smoke?


Total Blue Smoke Transparency: I favor Outdoor WEED.


There are many advantages and disadvantages that could be pointed out with both techniques of growing, but in terms of health and sustainability, the debate could be made quite clear. Let’s look at only two components of what both methods require…Electricity and Chemicals.



The California power company, Pacific Gas and Electricity, did a study of the power usage before and after the year 1997 (the year Medical Marijuana was passed.) There was a major increase after that legislation was passed, almost a forty percent increase. Most analysts believe this was because of the start of the indoor grow room.

I don’t know how many people now are growing indoors, but the power is coming from somewhere. It’s been my experience that most of the grow rooms housing over 10 plants, are drawing the juice illegally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against getting free cable or power, but it all comes from someplace. Not just the outlet on the wall.

Now multiply the grow rooms by say, oh, 90,000. That’s a lot of hamsters in the wheels.

In Oakland where they’ve been okay’d to grow on say the ‘We are the World’ kind of level, I don’t believe they have a sunlight for natural rays. Even though I love WEED, it doesn’t make the power coming into a grow house any more righteous.

Commerce versus Compassion.

What happens if PG&E is making so much money from illegal growers, that they make a concerted effort to shoot down Legalization because there’s more money in it for them that way?

Btw, if you’re for ‘Drill, Baby Drill,’ or the exploration of the Arctic for more oil or the rise of nuclear energy oppose to alternative sources, keep buying indoor.

This is not to say outdoor growers are any more honest. The Californian streams and river are being polluted by Mexican gangs and local growers too. Generators and diesel fuel are ruining a once pristine environment. I can’t speak about the Mexican gangs, but I know the local outdoor grower is finding out that growing Organic maybe the only defense an outdoor grower has against the Rise of the Machines.

I met one outdoor grower who only uses rainwater. This person is just growing their “25” but with almost no carbon or water foot-print. This person uses solar powered fans and lights.

Plus, if you want to know why some of the outdoor Organic is oh so good, take a moment and Google ‘Hum Tea.’ Hum Tea gives a kick to plants like I’ve never seen.

In the same way hackers understand the Internet better than most, a large number of the outdoor growers I’ve met, have been doing it for more twenty-five years, on the average. They’ve invested in and tested most technologies and have growing down to astute science now. They know what they’re doing and care about the accumulative effect they’re having on the environment and this Earth.


Right now in my humble opinion, Dispensaries run the Marijuana market. They dictate supply and demand. Because of that, outdoor growers cannot compete with indoor growers, for the short-term.

What I am looking at is the Big Picture.

Do we want Dope to bring this nation down in our gluttony for more WEED, at whatever the cost? And I’m not talking dollars here.

Indoor growers can get as many harvests as they want. Outdoor growers get one big one. But I think the smart money gonna be on the mellow, laid-back Hare in this Dope race. Slow and steady will win this.  

I could go and on about the differences between indoor and outdoor. Also, there’s usually a difference in the growers too. An outdoor grower does think about sustainable living and work practices. The outdoor grower usually stays within the same area, so there’s a need to keep the environment safe and useable.

Indoor growers are nomads and opportunists. I mean that in the best way. If there is a hassle, they just move on to a new local or even city. Indoor growers are the source for fires because of improperly wired houses or just being stupid.

But at the same time I realize there is a place for indoor growing. Indoor Pot is somewhat stronger, usually because the best of the outdoor is never seen by mere mortals like us. Indoor Pot can be grown to specifics and can be controlled to the point of overkill. If you’re in the mood for Blue Cheese, it can be requested and a scant ten to twelve weeks later, Bam-O, you got Cheese. I have friends that grow indoor, I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t buy indoor. I still get indoor, sometimes you have to. But I’m trying to change that.

Maybe after Legalization, they’ll be able to tighten up the operations, and the amount of gypsy grow houses will fade. Yeah, right.



Here’s the deal on this. If you look at labels to see what the ingredients are in what you’re eating, or if ‘Food Inc.’ is required viewing at your casa, then you are killing yourself with indoor POT. Sorry. I eat meat. I like candy and sweets. I’m not perfect, but when it comes to POT, I’m asking more and more for outdoor.

My belief-there isn’t such a thing as Organic indoor POT. I don’t care if the plastic bottle swears that the fertilizer, the grow juice, the bud enhancer, that you’re utilizing says Organic, it’s not. There is some unnatural chemical swirling around in it, oppose to a natural ones like bat or chicken shit. And when those chemicals are heated, say by, I dunno… a Bic lighter or a match, they have a different carcinogenic value than when tested at room temperature. In other words, that shit is bad for you over the long run.

That’s it.

If you want to have a healthy, organic lifestyle, it starts with what you put into your body.

When you hear the chants for more coal, oil or nuclear energy, think what you’re doing as a consumer.

I love Dope. Let’s not make it into a bad thing. What we do today, is how we live tomorrow. Nature always wins.

For once, let’s go in and out as winners.



More Later.


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Reader Comments (4)

Great post Jack and an excellent blog! All the weed growers I know do it outdoors and I'd have to say they're ALL very aware of the need to live sustainably and most are activists for environmental protection and sustainability in general. As for hydro... give me solar-powered bush buds any day! That's a very interesting stat on electricity consumption increase with legalization of medical marijuana. Keep up the great work.

November 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSelf-Sufficient Darcy

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