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Popular Tarts


 Hasn’t Obama done more to protect our country than he is given credit for? They caught the SUV Would-Be-Bomber pretty quick. Do you know what stops Obama from getting the credit that his administration lacks? It’s those crazy girls from Sex in the City and our love of money. We are experience a confluence of popular culture and money coming together unprecedented in modern history, (if they’re not the same thing) with the premiere of “Sex and the City 2.” The reason our president doesn’t get credit for being tough on terrorism is because the SUV-Bomber was caught getting on a plane to Dubai. The same place where Sex 2 takes place. That would be a publicist nightmare. We’re not going to charge a possible ally country in the Middle East with harboring terrorist when there’s an opening weekend to content with. Commerce trumps integrity again. Good Luck Girls in the desert with those wacky camels! Hope you don’t bump into any hiding terrorists, I mean old boyfriends there in the Vegas of Sheikdom.

Oh yeah, that’s the reason we stay in Afghanistan and Iraq. For no other reason other than the American people who don’t have a loved one fighting has forgotten about our two wars. We like our wars in remote places that we’ve never heard of, that is until we invade them.

Speaking of...

This is the forty year anniversary of the Kent State Massacre. For the kids out there too young to remember, Kent State is where four students were killed and another nine wounded. That particular demonstration that day was about America invading Cambodian in a secret war that Americans weren’t told about via the nightly news. It was more than your typical anti-war demo of the day against Viet-Nam. It would be like if we were going over to Pakistan secretly and not telling the American people that we are killing civilians in another war we haven’t told you about yet.

And don’t forget Jackson State in Mississippi, the predominantly black university where a week later two students were killed and twelve wounded. This was before a B.A. was worth dying for.  

It’s kinda surprising that none of those liberal do-gooders in Hollywood have made a movie about when our campuses were the hot bed of intellectual thought and the home of revolution. Now we leave it to over-weight white people in lawn chairs with Lipton promos hanging from their golf hats to do our protesting for us.    

More Anniversaries...

Congress is enacting to bills today to commemorate the anniversaries of the building of the laser and the telescope. First of all, I can no longer say the word “laser” without doing the finger quotes ala Dr. Evil and was the telescope really such a good idea at the time? It eventually put Galileo in the brink and science back some four hundred years. Oh yeah, it’s the 400 anniversary of the discovery of the telescope. Now you can point your Ipad to the heavens and it will show you the constellation above you. That’s while indoors too.

What’s with MSNBC? Either they replace that stupid David Gregory with his slushy cone of questions with the wonderful and insightful Rachel Maddow on ‘Meet the Press’ and scrap the whole network. Or don’t become like Fox News. Don’t make your people give commentaries if they don’t want to or look stiff doing it. Why not give us left leaning news and let us figure it out. We don’t need to be part of the joke or say “we get it.” Don’t try to sway us, let us take it in and get back to you. Not everything has to be immediate.

Joe Arpaio, the modern day southern sheriff who runs his town with an intimidating fist decided not to run for Governor of Arizona. When asked why Joe said, “Shit, with this new bill I can do legally what I’ve been doing undercover for the past forty years. The fish are running, and Am gonna catch me some ‘spicanics.”

I might have made some of that up.

“...Right, and by the way, Wind farms kill a lot more birds daily that are probably going to be killed by the oil spill...”

George Will, Sunday on a talk show.

Could that even be a little true?

And in the End...

In Fairfax, a little north of here in Marin County, they want kids to be able to come into Dispensaries with their parents. An activist with a dubious past is asking the zoning commission to allow kids who have gone through Chemo, be allowed to purchase Medical Marijuana. No age limit is given.




If I have said it once, I’m going to say it twice; We’re not free until we’re all free.

As we smoke our doobies and flaunt our skyscraper-high bongs in public, remember pot busts for SAN FRANCISCO has gone up. According to SF Weekly where I stole the info from, the Po-lice say Marihooey busts have gone up 15%. I mean what do you have to do to get busted in this town? Besides for all the grow houses popping up, you basically have to ask Chief Gaston for a light, and I bet even he won’t bust you because of the paper-work involved arresting someone who has a Medical Marijuana Card.

The Best Pot book ever...Smokestack El Ropo’s ‘Bedside Reader.’

That’s it for now. Hey...I would really like to hear from you if you are reading this. Your thoughts and what you like to hear more about. Just don’t correct the grammar or remind me that I forget words. Peace Out...

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