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Applauding the Drug War

Couple of weeks I saw a movie that I’ve seen about a million times, and each time, I learn a little more about America and, dare I say, Life from this flic. This movie is pure Americana in its most idealize sense. The story is about an immigrant whose hard working and ready to do what he has to get make a place for him and his familia in his new country. He starts out behind the eight ball by being thrown in an internment camp upon his arrival to America. But through pluck, moxie and a dull blade, our hero above the group chorus of ‘Revenga,’ is able to rise above his impoverished situation to get out and become a dishwasher while he looks for other long-term employment. Epic movie edited short, our hero goes into manufacturing and distribution, creating a huge empire of importing and exporting. Now this modern-Cuban Horatio Alger, a guy named Tony Montana almost makes it to the pinnacle of the American Dream. The movie shows that he’s reached the top because he’s tired of doing Michelle Pfeiffer and has way too much money. The Big Message of the movie is defined by Tony’s mentor, when he tells Tony that the greatest mistake one can make in this industry of ours is to become a “Khazer.” To get the correct pronunciation of this word, drink a gallon of chocolate milk, get that really good guttural Hhhhhiii like in Chaim, and end with zer. Hazor for the uninitiated. It means pig. Khazer means greed beyond greed. Being a Khazer is being gluttonous for the simple reason, you can. Our hero after having broke out of the mean street of Little Havana, rises to become one of the Masters of the Universe, only to slide into the dreaded Khazerdome, never to come out.

I learned a couple of things from watching Scarface the last time. If you are going to install a pretty massive surveillance system with multiple monitors stacked on your desk for viewing. Take a look every so often to make sure that the kids from Menudo aren’t hopping over your fence with Uzis and AK’s ready to redecorate the mansion. But the most important lesson I learned; Never do your stash. Sure, do a bump here and there, but if you’re using one of those fake big checks like the golfers get to cut up the yale and laying the lines out on twenty-four foot credenza, you’re doing too much. Once you do too much, you become a Khazer. Once you get too greedy, you get caught.

That’s what I know.


A lot of Weirdness going down in the City. I am not going to mention her name, her life is already in hell. The buzz of the City is all about a lab technician who got busted for taking some of her testing materials home. The problem, it was a police lab and she was testing coke, heroin, meth, and a host of other powders for court cases and the City of San Francisco. Well she got greedy and got busted.

Now there is scene that goes on most every day in our beloved Halls of Justice. This is one of the craziest happenings I’ve seen in a long time in a city known for crazy happenings.

Because this lab tech falsified results, took some evidence home for the weekends and I imagine for those raves South of Market where they still do coke, she has caused a sensation down at City Hall not seen since the days of when the cops got busted for making movies the way they wanted them to be.

If you want to do something fun and scary, go down to the Halls of Justice. There are literally thousands and thousands of cases being reviewed and for the most part, being thrown out because of this woman tampering with evidence. If they can’t get the case thrown out on its own merits, slimy PD’s are getting other cons off on technicalities.

One day there was a constant din of applause as case after case is being thrown out and may I say, some very scary people are walking out through those double-doors free that day. You would think they were electing a new president or pope by the enthusiastic clapping reverberating through the corredors. Then as Tre comes out to the high fives of his posse or some small headed dude wearing a Confederate flag cap grins showing his missing meth-decayed teeth shouting “Free at last, free at last.” It’s fucked up.

NORML states that a Pot Smoker is busted every forty-five seconds in America. That’s happening today. As 4/20 approaches, don’t forget all those who can’t get high when they want to. Real bad people are getting out to huge applause while simple freaks who would never hurt anyone, languishes behind bars.  

Nobody’s free until we’re all free.

More Later.

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