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GOD Hates Scams

Okay, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Couple of months ago I had this brilliant idea to mess with a group of people who at first I didn’t know much about them except their name, “God Hates Fags.” With a come-hither tease of a tag of a name like that, I wasn’t sure of their politics but I knew I wanted to mess with them.

The God Hates Fags Church, and that’s what they are, were coming to San Francisco to protest at Jewish day centers, the Jewish Community Center, the plays, “Rent”, and “Fiddler on the Roof.” Seriously. Not only does the Church which is founded by one family named the Phelps, have a problem with the gays but also the Jews. Their mission while in San Francisco was to bring awareness to their cause that Jews are destroying the world and other such shite. Besides, everyone knows that Jews aren't destroying the world, just NBC’s nightly programming.

So I had this idea to infiltrate the group and march with the Family Phelps. Big Mistake.

I wore my best Andy Williams Christmas sweater and slacks in my attempt to fit in with my new found goyim minion. TeamBrian, my camera crew and I piled into TeamBrian’s production vehicle and drove over the SF’s JCC.

My idea was demonstrate against the amount of Christmas songs written by Jews. Let’s start with “White Christmas.” Done. White Christmas was scribe by a Mister Irving Berlin while eating smoked fish, marinated herring and a nice tomato. True story. So my idea was to protest all the songs written by Jews and start to encourage ‘my people’ to write some new ones. Basically, let’s put Christ back into Christmas.

I don’t know what I was expecting but when I got to the JCC, there was a place exclusively set up for the God Hates Fags Church and a separate area blocked off for other protesters. The police were out in full force plus a sprinkling of Mossad agents walking around trying to look normal. Whatever I had been thinking, once the Phelps arrived, the game was not only on, but it changed. These people were evil.

I knew about them from what I had seen on TV and YouTube. Their M.O. is to go to Gay servicemen and women’s funerals and protest. Did I say protest? I meant to say disrupt. They’re anger and hatred is so great, they travel the U.S., attending the burials of soldiers that gave their lives for this country and cause trouble.

I thought I would try to give back to them for all the work they’ve done.

I was out of my element. The Phelps family are pro’s at what they do. They are well organized and know the drills like the way they must have worked on their talking points in the bus on the way out from Kansas. There is no getting at these people. They are surrounded by a bubble of hate that these pricks don’t want to pop. I was up close and looked into their eyes. I am seriously worried about writing this. They are evil.

You can check out the YouTube to see what happen that day. Nothing worked out the way I planned it. I was outed by my people at the JCC for being a member of the tribe. I don’t think I look that Jewey, but you know Jewdar...


That day I had to stop and think what I was doing. I’ve been an activist all my life but this was different. The way the Father Phelps commanded the people around him with such force by giving the young women who accompany him, a look, and they knew to shut up to my questions. These people knew what it was like to be on a battlefield while I was being traumatized by the shocked and awed of the event standing frozen by fear in my little yellow sweater. I had to leave.

They won...

They out creeped me.

Thank the Lord for his invention of the Internet. God Loves Networking.

I went home freaked. TeamBrian drove while I muttered, “What was I expecting?”

Once in the Cave I started to do more research on the Phelps family. It was all there in that series of tubes we call the ‘Net. The causing of havoc and confusion on a family’s most sacred day. Protesting anything Jewish. How the Kansas’ police look the other way for this family and let them be. But then something else caught my eye. The Phelps’s family attorney.

Here’s the Dealio...

It is all a scam. Yes the Phelps family of Topeka, Kansas, leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church, really does hate anyone different from them, that includes most of humanity. They really do feel all sexuality should be repressed and told to live on a bus with an old, white guy giving directions where the bus goes next. But what they do is incite. They are the Flim-Flam Family.

They stage protest at funerals and day care centers waiting to be pushed or have some of THEIR rights violated. Then they sue. And they win. They win big.

Imagine you’re burying your child who gave his life for his or her country. They might have dove on a grenade or innocently took a bomb checking out a village or a house. You’re lowering the coffin and then this group of people who only desire is to disrupt and mock your child’s funeral. What would you do?

Well the Flim-Flam Family counts on you doing something and this scam makes them a lot of money.

The Flim-Flam Family struck again. They protested at a funeral for a marine killed in Iraq. The father of the fallen of marine got into with the Flim-Flam Family and something ensued. Then there were court cost.

The father of the fallen soldier, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, was ordered to pay to the Flim-Flam Family, the amount of $16,510. Mr. Snyder is having a hard time coming up with the cash.  

The Flim-Flam Family is protected by the First Amendment. For the very reason soldiers give their lives so the Flim-Flam Family can do its thing.


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Thanks again for sharing.
Simply crazy...trying to imagine the unrest in Phelps soul is mind boggling.

April 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBilly Ray

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