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Dollars, Potheads and Beds



Follow the money. That could be the truest statement ever printed in terms of wanting to find the origins of any motive. Any. Motive.

Hardly anything is done in America for free, and more so, there is always a predatory Greedhead out there who will take the most unscrupulous path in order to line their pockets. We all know, when it gets down to it, what we’re always talking about is the bottom line. Whether it’s prayer, or loving or eating, there’s always a price tag included.

The War on Drugs isn’t any different. For me, it’s incredibly funny who is in the sights of the Generals and Czars spearheading the new attack. Some are trying to pick off the lonely Hispanic privates in Arizona, while others go for headlines bringing the big catch, today’s number one flaunter of our drug laws, the nearly inescapable, Sergeant Paris Hilton.

 While capitalizing on America’s latest fear of what ‘Brown could do to us today,’ Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, made it law that anyone lighter skinned than herself would have to show papers proving that they were Americans and had the right to coexist with the regular people of the state. In a mad stampede to lock-up the new undesirables, very few are asking what is behind this hastily added law in Arizona? Do we have all the realistic intel in?

So, who is behind the law in Arizona?

 Why, the privatized prison industry, that’s who. Correction Corporation of America (CCA). The owners of half of the working, privatized prisons in AZ. Chuck Coughlin, one of Jan’s inside advisers also represents CCA. Conflict of Interest? Not in Arizona.

Also, one small fact that has Not been reported in the Lamestream Media, but has been cropping up in many border state official, government reports concerning the influx of immigrants from Mexico, it is down. Immigration coming in from south of the border, has dropped some sixty percent. Two thirds of what had constituted in the past of Mexican immigration is drastically reduced. There just aren’t as many Mexicans coming over as before.

But it’s funny (weird) that Whitey is now up in arms about all those people coming in to pick our fruit, or clean our houses and restaurants, work our meat-towns in Iowa, and do the jobs we’re just not sure if we want. But why such an anti-immigrant backlash now?

Butts in the beds. When you run a prison for profit, you don’t make any money with vacant beds. Hola Rueben e familia.

And no one cares. There’s too much money involved to bring up the utterly unconstitutional fuck-up that Govvy Janny has created. We are now busting people for the sake of making others money.

Now jump ahead to voting time this November in California. As we get closer and the more incendiary stories about dope-crazed murderers and Marijuana related crimes are being released, just like in the Twenties and Thirties, when propaganda against WEED worked, it’s all to bring attention to the Prison lobby’s needs.  The prison industry is throwing big pesos into the fear-machine, trying to scare voters. Why? Because they need the Heads in the Beds.

SF Weekly reported today that the staggering numbers of Marijuana busts in Cali are way up. The shit isn’t legal here, no matter what anyone says.

I do understand some of the fears that good people have if Marijuana became somewhat legal next year, but what I can’t understand is how the Prison Lobbyists can be so out front about their agenda of continuing busting little dope smokers in order to show a profit for their share holders.

Look who is against Proposition 19. It is very clear what the Prisons for Profit systems needs and wants; bodies to exploit. I mean, if there weren’t thousands and thousands of people incarcerated, some forty to fifty guards could lose their jobs. Is that really worth not destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of victims because of these stupid, archaic drug laws?  

 Speaking of the Stupid…

Some weeks back, I suggested that America plays a game in the vein of ‘Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?’ And call it, ‘What in the World? Where’s Paris going to be busted next?’

I did call it that she would be busted with Coke, but I said it would be in the Greek Isles. I was wrong on location. That happens a lot for me.

What I find really funny is that Steve Wynn, the guy that has changed Vegas in its last inception from the temporary ‘Let’s try to make Vegas family friendly,’ to the more realistic, ‘Let’s be adults again and get into trouble,’ has banned Paris from his casinos. I don’t know Paris, but I know the Palms would love to have her anytime. It won’t be a hardship for Ms. Hilton. Besides, I think there is a place called the Las Vegas Hilton, she might know someone there.

But here’s the bullshit part. I have some close friends in Vegas. Steve Wynn has a reputation as long as a Tony Montana line of Coke. I can’t say this is true, otherwise I could be sued, but I heard from some inside sources, that Mr. Wynn has been receiving government WEED, the same strain that was used in the movie, ‘American Beauty,’ G-14 for his glaucoma for decades. Yes, decades.

 Mr. Wynn who is so against the shipping heiress reckless use of drugs, Paris is banned from his properties. This is a guy who is no stranger to calling down to one of his people, “Send up a couple of dancers and an eight-ball.”

And from what I’ve heard, don’t get me started about Steve Wynn’s brother. That’s where it gets a little Joe Pesci-ish. A little creepy and too gross for these pages…

But I am here to talk about hypocrisy.

It is a felon to smoke Marijuana in Vegas. You can walk down Vegas Boulevard, The Strip, with a whore, exposed gun and a fifth of Jack, but if you have a roach in your pocket, you’re going to jail.

The powers that be in Vegas are scared of Marijuana. No lie. They think if gamblers are going to get high and not gamble. Stay in their rooms. Be distracted by all the neon and lights.

 And that’s all they care about. While whores abound in Vegas on the streets and in the casinos, prostitution is illegal in Clark and Reno Counties, where the bulk of casinos are located.  They found out when men didn’t bring their wives, they didn’t gamble as much. When prostitution was banned in the two cities; guys brought their wives and would spend more time gambling. No morality involved, just the bottom line.

One day when WEED is legal, the directors of Food and Beverage are going to wake-up to bar and restaurant tabs like they’ve never seen before. Vegas still hasn’t grasp the concept of Munchies.

But I digress…

I am for Legalization so that good people, who are being victimized by an exploitive government officials who only see the Governor’s office as a way to increase profits for their cronies and political contributors, don’t go to prison.

It is that easy.

What I don’t understand is how the rest of the World can’t see what is so obvious to me.

Why is it that the Prison system and all it stands for; correctional guards, the prison staff, the defending of ancient laws that were set up bogusly anyway, is getting away being the major contributor against the Legalization of Marijuana. What could be in it for them?

A profit, that’s all. Is that worth a son or daughter?

Murderers are set free because of over-crowding. The prison commerce is the third largest growing industry in California.

It is very easy to see on the personal level. If you had to go to work and either guard a father-rapin’ killer or a kid who got busted at a concert for passing a joint to a stranger that happened to be a Fed. Who would you rather go against?

It’s all about money and the path of least resistance. It would be weird if that path led to more lock-ups and not to Legalization.

Also, there’s very little money to be made from Freedom.




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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Dollars, Potheads and Beds
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Dollars, Potheads and Beds
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Dollars, Potheads and Beds
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    Jack's Blog - Blog - Dollars, Potheads and Beds

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